Product Review: Ottie Natural Drawing Auto Eye Brow Pencil

Ottie’s Natural Drawing Auto Eyebrow Pencil has been a staple in my bag since receiving it from my Orangebox. Since learning the importance of having well-groomed and made-up brows everyday, I have been using this product to touch up my brows during the day.

What I like most about Ottie’s Natural Brow Pencil is that the tip is slanted in a triangular shape. This helps you create the sharp brow tail versus when using regular brow pencils. You draw moving crossly with the flat and wide side of pencil for the wide or front of eyebrow, and standing vertically to use the thin and straight side of pencil for delicate eyebrow line and tail expression. How convenient, huh?

But since it’s my first time to use brow pencils in grooming my brows (I prefer to use a brush and brow kit), I had a little booboo while using this. Haha!


I think I rolled out the product too long. So while I was carefully shaping my brows, the pencil broke. But it’s all good, I just placed the broken piece inside the tube so I can still use it.

Ottie’s Natural Drawing Auto Eye Brow Pencil comes in handy for me when I want to retouch my brows throughout the day since it’s too inconvenient for me to bring my Marionnaud brow brush and brow kit everywhere. The opposite end is a brush to diffuse any harsh brow lines you have made for more natural-looking brows.

If you want to get hold of this product, it’s conveniently available over at Orangebox’s website. For only Php325.00, I think you should give it a try.

Happy Wednesday and stay dry, dolls!

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  1. This happened to me too! I was doing a swatch post for my BYS eyebrow pencil and it broke! Twice! Argh. But I love eyebrow pencils now and have learned more or less how to use it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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