Product Review: Davines Nounou Shampoo + AZTA OMBRE MAKEOVER GIVEAWAY

More than having your hair done professionally in a salon, you have to know the basics in doing the after-care–even by just being equipped with the right products to keep your hair in its best shape.

When I had my hair done at Azta Urban Salon to #discoverombre, Ms. Meg of Azta introduced me to Davines Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Shampoo, a shampoo made specially for chemically-treated hair to make my treatment last longer.

Ideal for chemically treated hair that harm the keratin structure; brings out the original natural hair tones and restores health and shine to damaged hair. Thanks to its Sodium chloride free formula, a common ingredient that slowly removes the cosmetic colour from the hair, it is particularly suited for coloured hair.


Having some parts of my hair bleached for my balayage look sort of scared me a little. I have heard of a lot of hair-horror stories about hair bleaching. Good thing this Davines Nounou Nourishing Illuminating Shampoo, made perfectly for my color and chemically-treated hair, is here to make sure my tresses won’t suffer the same fate.

Since this Davines Nounou Nourishing Shampoo is sodium chloride-free, my hair retains the vibrancy of my hair color longer. Plus, it has chestnut milk and other hair vitamins to deeply condition my hair and bring back the lost moisture inevitably done during the process of chemically-treating my crowning glory.

What I love most about Davines Nounou Nourishing Shampoo is that it’s gentle yet it’s deep cleansing. The shampoo doesn’t lather much–like the ones I’m used to–but my hair feels and smells clean after wash.

Unlike most salon products wherein the shampoo/conditioner would smell like salon, thisย Davines Nounou Nourishing Shampoo smells homey like pastry–it’s sweet but not over-empowering.

What I noticed from using Davines Nounou Nourishing Shampoo is that my hair is really shiny and soft to touch. I’m not sure if it’s the shampoo, but my boyfriend compliments how good perfect my hair looks every single time.

Cheers to uh-mazing hair days everyday!


Please click the Rafflecopter link below to enter #AztaStyleSessions #DiscoverOmbre giveaway. Two (2) lucky readers are to be chosen to win an amazing ombre makeover!

Couchwasabi x Azta Urban Salon Discover Ombre Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest ends on September 23, 2014. Winners will be announced on September 24, 2014 through Twitter.

Winners may claim their ombre makeover up until September 30, 2014 at the following branches only:

Azta Alabang Town Center, Azta Katipunan, Azta Eastwood City, Azta Robinsons Metroeast, Azta SM City San Lazaro, Azta SM Jazz


If you often have your hair colored, permed, or straightened, I suggest for you to try this Davines Nounou Nourishing Shampoo, which you may purchase from any Azta Urban Salon branch. Follow Azta Urban Salon on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and promos.

Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.


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  1. Hi! I hope you will pick me because I am a college student who is really stressed out right now because of our thesis and I really really need to pamper and feel beautiful before our defense. hehe. And also my hair have always been black because i’m afraid that if a change my hair color it won’t fit me but reading your post and seeing your pics i guess i am not scared anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I remember getting the Nounou hair treatment back when I was still having my hair colored. It was one of the best hair treatments I have gotten. I want to try the shampoo if it works as well.

  3. I deserve this makeover because an 8 to 16 hour shift at work (hospital) with your hair tied is no joke. It leaves your hair dull and dry. It also doesnt allow me to have my “me” time. So this giveaway would be the much awaited pampering sesh that I needed ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Why do you deserve to win the makeover?

    I deserve to win the makeover because all my Life i’ve been no self confidence in myself. i want a change like makeover.

  5. I deserve to win an ombre makeover because finally I found the right salon (Azta Urban Salon) to satisfy my ombre cravings for my hair. Been searching some salons to get my ombre done but so scared about the outcome if it will be dry or looking not so good ๐Ÿ™ but got the chance to review this salon and it fits to what I’m looking for.

  6. I’m one of those girls who loves to doll up and get makeovers!
    I deserve to win this hair makeover from Azta Urban Salon because I’ve been dying to update my boring, lifeless hair. My hair has been misbehaving recently and I think Azta Urban Salon is the one that can help me fix it, style it, and most importantly, take care of it with the awesome products and services they offer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The only hair treatments which my hair have gone through are hot oil treatment anr chemical perming. For something new, I am planning to have my permed hair colored this year. I would like to win this promo so I can receive my first ever hair coloring experience from a salon which surely knows how to take good care of my tresses for free! Isn’t that exciting? Who knows? I might become a regular customer.

  8. The last time I had a hair cut was last year, tried hair coloring around 3 times sometimes from leftover hair dyes from friends, hair relax was 8 years ago (June 2006), and permed my hair when I was in Grade 3 (25+ years ago). I am turning 30+ this month of September and never really treated my hair since then from a professional salon. I am hoping that one day my dream would come true and give my hair some pampering that it truly deserves. Thanks so much.

  9. hello.

    i think as a stay at home mom i deserve to have a hair make over. lately, ive been dreaming of this ombre hair style. =)

    seriously, i forgot when did i last had a haircut. ive been busy taking care on my son. this is such a reward and advance christmas make over if i won =)

  10. A mom like me needs a little time out to pamper herself. I trust Azta Salon to take care of my hair and give my hair the pampering that it deserves. May this be an advance birthday treat as I look forward to celebrating another beautiful year!

  11. So pretty much my hair’s nothing out of the ordinary even until now that i just landed my first job after college. Never tried coloring, didn’t need a rebond, no special treatments whatsoever. I hope the Davines Nounou shampoo takes care of my hair well after a hair makeover. When i take a bath nga i only shampoo, no conditioner! Basically i don’t splurge a lot when it comes to hair (because my efforts goes to family needs first… and some makeup. Ssh!), but i would like to try something new and feature the ‘change’ on my blog too!

    I hope I get picked so i would feel dolled up and rewarded for Christmas season!

  12. I Hope that you’ll pick me. PLEASSSSSSE. Notice Me. Being a student, is very hard and very tiring at the same time. i dont have enough time to buy something for myself which will help my hair to be beautiful. i do try some products but i dont think that it helped me… i hope that you fix my problem with my hair. because my classmates often tease me. because my hair is like walis tingting. its very frizzy.i never tried to dyed my hair because im too afraid that it will worsen the state of my hair…please help me ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I need a new makeover/hairdo as I am currently styling the same look that I had when I started college, and since I just started work, I would really want a new look to show off

  14. hi, i just got married last month, and i decided to have my hair colored then, but since it was a quick thing, just hours before the wedding, the hairdresser just colored the top layer. imagine the not so ok hair for my wedding and it was so obvious that my hair and make up artist for the wedding noticed it. hope to win this, so it can be Azta fixed. : )

  15. I deserve to win this because I want to reward myself for a hair makeover. I am a Graduating student so I don’t have time to fix myself. This would going to be the first to try the ombre hairystyle if ever i win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. After Giving Birth My hair suffers from a several hair loss, Huhuh, It become frizzy and sad! I badly need this makeover because my husband is really a fan of gorgeous hair so I really really wanted to win..

  17. Give me this Ombre’ treat pretty pleaseeee! I would love to try Azta’s funky shades ombre (in Purple) It’s actually my dream hair color! โ™ฅ I have tried red, orange and yellow but whenever I’ll try making it to purple or blue, it just doesn’t work. I’m thinking AZTA is the best salon for funky colors. So pleaseeeee. ๐Ÿ™‚ *fingers crossed*

  18. I’m a 5th year medical intern in UP-PGH and soon I’ll be spending the next two months inside the walls of hospital as I enter my Internal Medicine rotation. Less sleep, less time for my kid and hubby and also for myself. So before I get all stressed out, I badly want to win this giveaway to freshen myself up before I go Haggardo Versoza soon. Hihi. Thanks for this giveaway! *crossing my fingers!

  19. I’ve been coloring my hair at home for almost 5 years. Going to the salon to have it done is so expensive aside from my hair is too thick it needs more products. So its more affordable to buy it and just do it at home. But for a change I want to experience being pampered and actually getting the right shade for my hair that would really fit me by the help of azta stylists. So I really hope and pray to be one of the chosen one to have a ombre makeover. Thank you for this opportunity and Good Luck to all participants.

  20. I’ve never colored my hair ever. Being a wife and Mom now I’m so busy that I rarely go out or have a pampering time at salons but when I read the ombre makeovers, I have the urge to have my hair colored for a change. But ofcourse budget is not on my side so this is my chance to experience how awesome azta will make my hair look fab. Just like yours. Fingers crossed to get lucky this time.

  21. I’ve never colored my hair but I’ve been wanting to try รณmbre for the longest time. Plus, a makeover will be perfect because I’m turning 20 years old in 2 weeks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Good Day! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Why do I deserve this make-over?

    Simply because I think that my hair is very dull and boring. My hair color hasn’t been changed since last year. Hair is one of the most precious and beautiful part of a women can have. As a nineteen year old girl, I find it hard to find a perfect match for my complexion with my hair. But, I know that with Azta Urban Salon, I will finally find my appropriate hair color. This would be a great start for my next semester transformation look. I bet my friends and classmates would be happy and shocked with my hair if ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Or, maybe because of my hair I could finally find Prince Charming? (Haha, Kidding!)

    This would be a perfect time for a change. Changing for the better and learning from it. This would satisfy my hair cravings since then. I would love to try a different kind of color for me that they would recommend me as I have a fair complexion that I got from my father. We just don’t need to settle for neutral and normal colors. Experiment, try and combine. That’s how we do.

    We only live once and we should definitely explore and adapt new ideas.
    I’m gonna wear it well and proud!

    Thank you for this great opportunity Ms. Jirbie! Hope to see you soon! God Bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I’ll be honest that I joined this giveaway for my daughter, she plans to have her hair colored. But when we checked out rates its on the expensive side, to be practical and all we can’t spend that much just for that. So I’m thankful to find this giveaway a chance that we will grab. Now we pray that we get lucky. Everyone deserves to win so in advance to whoever will win Congratulations guys!!!