Product Review: Clinique All About Eyes Rich

Thank God for eye creams. Really. Fact is, a woman typically starts to develop lines around her eyes in her 30s. So before you reach that age, it’s important to use eye creams that would keep the eye area hydrated.

Sadly, I have a very low commitment rate with beauty products. I remember trying L’Oreal Derma Genesis Eye ContourΒ Cream and then I used Garnier’s Eye-Brightening Roll-on Stick… and honestly, both products are still in my stash of beauty products on by bedside table. I’m that bad. I never get to use them long enough to see visible, long-term results.

Right now, I think I am being committed to Ysabel’s Daughter Toner and Serum. Since their serum is in light formula, I also use it as an eye cream. I have been using this Ysabel’s Daughter combo since I got it and I really love the results on my skin (I think I only missed putting it on 9/10 times)–but this is a whole different story.

I got Clinique All About Eyes Rich about two weeks ago. I was so excited to use it but I had a certain level of kinship with Ysabel’s Daughter so I didn’t start using this right away. I think I was only able to put it on for a week. I don’t really have puffy eyes, but I have dark under eyes–this has always been my problem.

What I like about Clinique All About Eyes Rich is that it helps brighten your eye area and adds a firming effect. Since this is in rich formulation, it hydrates more than the original Clinique All About Eyes. This product acts as my base–I use this before I put on my facial sunblock and makeup. However, I only put it under my eye and not on my lids since I think my lids are oily enough to be hydrated.

The cream is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. I do notice that my eye area is much supple than before. For a little amount of product, I feel that my eyes are hydrated enough to last through the day. Yet it’s not that oily to cause me milias (Milia seeds grow around the eyes when your eye cream is too rich so be careful). As for the brightness, I think it’s too early to tell.

Clinique All About Eyes Rich is sold in Rustan’s for Php1,600.00. That’s okay, because your eye cream is an investment. And with this product, a little goes a long way.

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