Prepare for Summer with Dry Skin Brushing

Who doesn’t love Miranda Kerr’s gorgeous body and glowing skin? You know the secret? It’s dry skin brushing or dry body brushing. Miranda has been doing this for years to maintain her smooth skin. Molly Sims, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Aniston also use this to keep cellulites at bay.

Dry BrushingΒ is an ancient AyurvedicΒ beauty secret method that has been used for thousands of years. Many cultures throughout history have practised dry body brushing, which helps stimulate digestion, soothes the nervous system and of course exfoliates the skin. Dry skin brushing is not really known here in the Philippines. But, great news, dry body brushes are available in Watson’s, The Body Shop, and Muji. These are normally long handled bath brushes just like below:

From Watson’s for only Php119.00

Dry body brushing is an affordable way to exfoliate while helping with lymphatic drainage and eliminating the body’s toxins. Rule of thumb is: always dry brush towards the heart as this will ensure good lymph drainage. Do it in the morning at the time you wake up or before you take a shower. Do not expect great results in a day or a week. You have to do it daily for at least 2 months to see results. Dry brushing is a great addition to an overall skin care regime to have smoother skin,Β reduce cellulite, prevent stretch marks, improve existing scars, open pores and relieve stress.

Whenever I do dry skin brushing before taking a bath, I feel more relaxed after. I also noticed that I get to sleep more soundly–much like what yoga does to me. Maybe this is because of the stimulated blood flow all over my body through the light little strokes of dry brushing. I still haven’t seen the reduction of cellulites as I would still have a few more months of dry brushing to go. But I’m pretty sure it’ll work.

Below are the benefits of Dry Brushing from Hubpages:

  1. Improves the overall texture of your skin (smoother and softer skin) and encourages cell renewal by removing dead skin cells.
  2. Increases circulation to the skin, which in turn helps your lymphatic system drian toxins out of your body through the skin and through your colon, also referred to as metabolic waste elimination.
  3. Tightens your skin due to the increase in blood circulating to your skin (over several weeks of skin brushing, not instantly) thereby reducing the appearance of cellulite.
  4. Helps to even out the distribution of fat deposits (sounds good in theory, not sure if this benefit is true or not. I think being male or female and your overall percentage of body fat plays a greater role in where your body is going to store fat, but I will leave this up anyways until disproved).
  5. Benefits your nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin (get ready for lots of goose pimples, in other words).
  6. Unclogs pores which helps your skin breathe better.
  7. Strengthens your immune system due to the removal of toxins out of the body through the skin and other exit areas on your body (think it has more to do with the fact that skin brushing helps you relax and it feels good. Stress wreaks havoc on your immune system).
  8. Releases endorphins because it helps the body relax and feels soothing, calming (I can completely agree with this statement).

There’s nothing wrong to try. Anyway, you’re only going to shell out a little over a hundred bucks to get beautiful bright skin that is smoother and more youthful looking. Plus, no cellulites!

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