Pick of the Month: Yves Rocher 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream

I’ve had my Yves Rocher 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream for a while now and it comes in handy whenever I wanted to give my hands an extra pump of moisture from staying in a cold office the whole day.

Yves Rocher is the number one skincare and makeup brand from France and the creator of botanical beauty since 1959. Yves Rocher is the only international beauty brand that harvests, manufactures and distributes its own products. This unique approach means Yves Rocher not only reduces its environmental impact but also gives you the best in beauty at the most affordable price.

On the other note, my face has been acting crazy lately. The area around my lip is having an allergic reaction to something and makes it swollen from time to time then leaves it dry during the day. It’s nasty, I tell you. I end up having dry white patches of skin around my lips. ๐Ÿ™

I totally forgot having Yves Rocher 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Cream in my bag and when I saw it this morning, I decided to use it on my face. I love applying it over and over when I feel the skin around my lips is starting to get stiff from dryness. It instantly makes my skin feel velvety-smooth. I also love that it has botanical-based ingredients (e.g. maple sugar, organic agave sap, betaine, and organic witch hazel water). ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yves Rocher Hydra Vรฉgรฉtal 24h Intense Hydrating Gel Cream
Yves Rocher Botanical Beauty Research ยฎ chose Maple and Blue Agave Saps for their amazing moisture-capturing power. Combined with patented botanical Betaine, they create a genuine reservoir of water within skin that: offers a source of lasting moisturizing & distributes moisture throughout the different layers of the epidermis, even the most dehydrated, to guarantee in-depth moisturizing.Skin is filled with water, intensely and lastingly moisturized, as if plumped and radiant with beauty! -yvesrocher.co.uk

What I love most about this product is that it’s non-sticky, non-greasy and it smells absolutely clean. It actually smells like cucumber or green apples to me… I can’t quite put my finger on it. All I know is that both my beau and I love the smell.

Gosh, I love French cosmetics. <3

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