Pick of the Month: Snoe Rouge Deluxe in X19 Mauve Movement

This is my first Snoe purchase–an “accidental” purchase, actually. Story is, my beau and I was just checking out the latest shades of their Rouge Deluxe lipstick line and when we were about to return the lipstick on the shelf, it fell to the floor. The sales assistant made us buy the lipstick, claiming they do not have tester tubes. In short, the SA made us buy the tester tube.

Whatevs, SA. I don’t believe Snoe has no available tester tubes.

Anyway. Back to the product.

Snoe Rouge Deluxe in X19 Mauve Movement is a fabulous plum-pink shade. It sets as a matte-satin finish. I guess this is part of Snoe’s new collection for Rouge Deluxe as I can not find this particular shade from their website yet.

What I love about Snoe’s lipstick is that it glides smoothly on my lips. I’m very picky with lipsticks since my lips are chronically dry. With Snoe’s Rouge Deluxe, I feel I do not need to slather on lipbalm prior application. Color is rich. Staying power is amazing. Plus, it’s creamy and matte–perfect for my taste.

When you check the label, it says there it’s a “complete lip care.” The tube is infused with nourishing oils like argan, sunflower, macadamia, grape seed, avocado, and rosehips. No wonder the lipstick smells rich, sweet, and a mix of things. A tube of Rouge Deluxe ensures you that your lips stay pretty and nourished at the same time.

At Php399.00, I think this is a good buy. It has no parabens and synthetic dyes. I know you can find cheaper lipsticks out there, but for the benefits that this tube provide, I’m pretty much happy with this “accident.”


  1. They have these weird square pans with a bit of lipstick in it as their testers. I found it really.. strange.. that they couldn’t get a whole tube as a tester. Otoh, I love Mauve Movement! Such a nice bright shade yet still classy and definitely wearable to the office.

    • Oh! So they really don’t have tester tubes? So kawawa naman. I think Snoe should spare a tube for testers. They’re expanding their distribution channel pa naman.

      Yes! I love the color, been wearing it everyday. Not too happy lang with the history of this purchase. lol.

  2. I personally love their skincare line, I’m not quite sure about their lipsticks though. They packaging doesn’t look really good unlike their other products.

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