Pick of the Month: Oryspa Wasabi Rice Bran Butter and Wasabi Detox Scrub


Oryspa (from the scientific name of rice, oryza sativa) means rice for the spa. Coming from pure Filipino ingenuity, Oryspa is the first and finest maker of rice bran based spa products in the country. Oryspa products are of 100% natural origins. The brand uses rice bran and rice bran oil as its main ingredients, which is primarily exfoliating, anti aging and moisturizing.

Rice bran, known to Filipino as darak, a brown powder that is a by product of rice milling contains beneficial antioxidants, and packed with vitamins and nutrients which are found to have powerful anti-ageing properties. Rice bran oil are rich in vitamin E and gamma-oryzanol. It is rich in co-enzyme q10, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids and even oleic acid.

Benefits of Rice Bran

  1. Look and feel younger as rice bran used in Oryspa products are high omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin b which are natural anti oxidant
  2. Get fairer whiter skin safely with Oryspa products with rice bran. Unlike virgin coconut oil, rice bran has a high smoke pointย which means it does not react easily to the heat of the sun where we experience abundantly in the tropics.
  3. Get smoother softer hair and skinย as Oryspa products are easily absorbed by the skin
  4. Enjoy a clearer complexion as Oryspa brightens with rice bran being naturally antibacterial in nature.

I’m sure everyone is new to this concept. Imagine seeing rice, the Filipino’s staple food, in a new light. Who would’ve known that there’s so much more to rice and its by-product than just for food?

I was so delighted when I finally got my package from Oryspa. It was really thoughtful of them to give me their wasabi goodies for product review–perfect for my blog’s name, couchwasabi. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love that Oryspa’s Wasabiย Rice Bran Butter (Php 235.00) gives the right amount of moisture without being sticky like most lotions do. It contains grapeseed oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil which are known for their anti-oxidant and moisturizing properties.

Since I am confined in an air-conditioned room most of the day, which everyone knows can be extremely drying to the skin, I really hoard on good body butters to keep my skin soft and supple. Oryspa’s Wasabi Rice Bran Butter gives you that instant hand spa experience, which includes the invigorating spa scent it leaves on your skin.

Scrubs are an easy way to enhance your natural glow by removing dead skin cells leaving soft, supple skin. Putting in body scrub sessions once a week can help slouch off those dead skin cells to give way to new glowing skin. Oryspa Rice Wasabi Detox Scrub (Php 235.00) is a dual-action scrub containing seaweed and elemi extract for firming and slimming effect. It is infused with pili oil for firming and olive butter for moisturizing stretch marks, making it less visible after continued use.

As an all Filipino brand of 100% natural product, it bids to compete with the rest of foreign brands particularly in Asia. As rice is a truly Pinoy trademark, Oryspa is a truly Pinoy experience the rest of the world would want to get a share of.

Oryspa has branches in SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Calamba, SM Sta. Rosa, SM Clark, and SM Lipa. You may also order Oryspa products through their official website www.oryspa.com

PS, Thank you to Ms. She for the wonderful gift of Oryspa

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