PhotoDiary: Xiamen Trip 2014 (Part 2) – Xiamen University & Nanputuo Temple

If I haven’t told you yet, my sister is currently studying in China. So it’s kind of obligatory for us to check out her school, Xiamen University.

Xiamen University, colloquially known as Xia Da, is the first university in China founded by the well-known patriotic overseas Chinese leader Tan Kah Kee in 1921. The main campus is located in Siming District, southwestern Xiamen. Located at the foot of the green mountains, facing the blue ocean and surrounded by Xiamen bay. The main campus is picturesque with beautiful scenery and parks, and is one of the main tourist attractions in the heavily-touristed Xiamen.

Every day, hundreds of tourists line up to enter Xiamen University. Lucky for us, my sister (and her boyfriend) are students of the university, we just went straight inside. We didn’t have to fall in line.

Xiamen University has one of the best architectures in Fujian. The landscaping is also done really well. If only our local campuses are like these, it’s hard for students not to get inpired everyday for school.

I love the ecological function of the in-campus lake. I was able to spot ducks (?) inside the campus. How lovely.

Walang sinabi ang big 3 sa mga school nila doon...

Xiamen University was so big, it took us the whole morning to check it out. Since it’s summer in China now, it can get a little too hot during the day. By the time we were about to get out of the university, everybody was tired and parched. So my family decided to dine at a nearby carinderia for lunch.

And then we had dessert at a nearby McDonald’s before riding the bus to our next destination.

Our next stop is NanPuTuo Temple.

South Putuo or Nanputuo (Chinese: 南普陀寺; pinyin: Nán Pǔtuó Sì; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lâm-phó͘-tô-sī) is a famous Buddhist temple founded in the Tang Dynasty in the Chinese city of Xiamen. It is so named because it is south of the Buddhist holy site Mount Putuo in Zhejiang Province.

My mom told us that since it’s our first time to visit Nanputuo Temple, whatever our sincerest wishes and prayers for that day will come true.

This is the wishing pond wherein tourists would throw coins and try to make it to the pagoda in the middle of the pond. If your coin successfully lands inside, your wish will be granted.

Sadly, mine didn’t make it. I even finished all the coins in my purse. LoL. At least my sisters had their luck better than mine. 😉

Since the temple is built around the mountain, with deep caves and other interesting relics, we all had to climb up to the top and call the day a true adventure.

This was just the half-way mark.

And we finally reached the top!

Coming down was another half hour trek. We left the temple right in time for their closing. It was such a tiring, yet fulfilling, day.

Stay tuned for the final installment of my Xiamen Trip. The last post will be about shopping 😉

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