PhotoDiary: Exploring Baler

Two weeks ago, my beau and I had a spontaneous trip to Baler. So, yes, this is a super late post. Sorry, but there were SO MUCH PHOTOS, I can’t decide which ones to put up and all. Haha! Anyways, I thought of finally finishing this post and leave you with something to read before I go for another week long hiatus for APEC week. *wink wink*

So here goes!

Baler is about 6-7 hours drive from Manila. We checked in at Costa Pacifica, which is the best accommodation in Baler.

We went there on a Tuesday, and surprisingly, we can’t get a single bed room so we got a 2 twin bed Junior Suite instead.

Costa Pacifica has 106 rooms with prices ranging from 5k-11k per night. The rate includes breakfast for 2. Peak days are usually from Thursdays to Sundays so I’d suggest for you to book at least 1-2 months prior.

Here’s our pool view every morning. We got there a week after Lando struck Aurora so you see the coconut trees are all left leaf-less. But aside from that, the place is really breath-taking.

Costa Pacifica–or Baler for that matter–is not as famous as Boracay. But let me tell you, it’s so much nicer here than Bora. Although Costa Pacifica is still a place that is yet to be discovered, we were told that companies usually go to Costa Pacifica for their team building and the place gets booked quite often.

However, this is not the case prior 2014. It was only until Kris Aquino featured Costa Pacifica in her show that the place gained popularity among surf-goers.

So anyways…

We were so lucky that the weather was great during our stay in Costa Pacifica. It was both sunny and windy. Perfect for surfers, I guess. As you can see, I was so close to being blown away by the winds. lel.

Costa Pacifica was smart enough to have All Flip Flops booth by the reception and sell authentic Havaianas. My bf’s Havs broke during the trip so it was cool that we can conveniently buy a new pair right then and there–yay for that!

Another thing that I love about Costa Pacifica is that they don’t have curfew for pool swimming. Unlike other resorts wherein they’d house you in by 10pm, the pools here are open 24hrs–unless it’s up for cleaning. So you can enjoy your night-time swimming under all its moon-lit glory.

Their clubhouse, The Beach House, also didn’t disappoint as they serve quite a unique offering.

The Beach House offers various international and Filipino-fusion dishes–much like updated versions of much-loved home-cooked Filipino meals like sinigang, kare-kare, etc. Oh, and if you’re into craft beer, they have it here too!

Here are some of the dishes I enjoyed during my stay: grilled salmon and their tomato-based sinigang.

Oh, they have fruit pops that I totally find amusing.

Overall, I loved my stay in Costa Pacifica. The place is clean, it’s definitely relaxing. The service is great and the staff are all friendly and courteous.

There’s a strip of resorts in Baler, much like Boracay, so you can choose to stay in a much affordable hotel. But I’d definitely recommend for you to check out Costa, of course.

In the next long weekend, be sure to plan your trip to Baler because you can get the same amount of quality R&R that you need. Plus, it’s so much cheaper to go there than to Boracay.

Visitย for more info and room rates. Stay tuned for my next trip! xx

Costa Pacifica
Sitio Labasin, Barangay Sabang, 80 Buton St, Baler, 3200 Aurora, Philippines

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