Pet Express Cat Tales Event in Mall of Asia

I attended today’s Cat Tales Event in Mall of Asia, which was organized by CARA Welfare Philippines and Pet Express. Cat events are rare in our country so my beau and I made sure to attend this event for Pepper to have a chance to socialize with other cats.

Pepper and I got there on time for registration. We took Pepper to the playhouse but he was a little too shy to play with the other cats. So our little Pepper ended up hiding in one of the cat rooms.

Pepper hides from one cat room to another

Pepper was the youngest cat to attend the event. Everyone was asking how old he is. Yet again, Pepper proved to be the most adorable cat in the event that the organizers gave Pepper new toys for free ๐Ÿ™‚

Kitten toys from Coco Green

The event had free Cat Nutrition and Healthcare Seminar sponsored by Whiskas–which is Pepper’s cat food brand.

We did a little shopping for Pepper since there were a lot of cat goodies for sale that are all marked at 10% off. We got him a whole sack of cat sand, some cat food, his cat shampoo and a new pack of treats.

Pepper was just shy when he was in the playhouse. He didn’t have much chance to play with the other cats–which were all too big for Pepper, by the way. Maybe Pepper got scared of the bigger cats or of the pet-parents watching.

Pepper was too tired and sleepy from all the socializing

I hope to have more of these cat events that Pepper can attend. It gives us a chance to let Pepper socialize with other cats and have a little play time. ๐Ÿ™‚

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