Pepper’s Anti-Rabies Vaccine Day

It’s Pepper’s vet-visit day! He weighed in 1.4kg this time. So happy for his growth and thankful that he is healthy πŸ™‚ Today is his anti-rabies shot day–his second to the last shot. His next appointment with his vet is on the second week of September.

Pepper’s been having a lot of sleep because of the rainy weather. We also take him out to malls every weekend. What’s great about Pepper is that he’s really behaved when outside. Very cultured cat indeed.

One time, we took him to Buffet 101 with us and fed him some sashimi. He loved it! Another time, we also gave him fresh chicken broth as part of his dinner. These human food are just his add-ons. We stick to his normal kitty meal plan of Whiskas and Friskies.

We also took him to a cat party, which made him very shy and he ended up hiding in one of the cat houses. Right now, we’re thinking if we should get Pepper a playmate. We don’t want him to be anti-social.

Pepper’s starting to be very adventurous lately. He’s been climbing to greater heights. He has so much energy–and it’s fun! Sometimes, though, he can get overly excited which makes me end up having love bites. :p

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