Pepper 2nd Week Update

It has been two weeks since we have adopted Pepper. He’s been sleeping a lot, which is good since kittens are supposed to sleep most of the time.ย He’s more independent now. But from time to time, he still makes papansin. He now knows how to jump off from the bed and climb back onto it. And yes, we let him sleep on the bed with me… but occasionally, he snoozes in his “bed.” He’s one clever kitty. I’m glad it seems that he has adjusted well to his new home.

Everyday is such a joy to us having Pepper around. I guess he was born to become rich one day. Look at the way he sleep! It’s so unusual for a kitty to have so many of these human-like sleeping poses.

It was his second visit to the vet today. He weighed in 600g–right on track for his growth–and had his second deworming shot. In his next visit, he’ll be having his first 5-in-1 vaccine.

My beau and I are very dedicated in raising Pepper in a nice and happy environment. We already got him his scratch pole, some toys, catnip, kitten food, and etc.

After our visit to the vet, we went to Robinson’s Magnolia with Pepper. It’s nice to feel that we didn’t have to hide him just to get in the mall. We just have to fill up an animal pass by the entrance and Pepper’s good to go.

I was over the moon when I finally saw kitten treats! I’ve been to a lot of pet shops and they all carry goodies mostly for dogs. It was soooooo hard to find things for Pepper in the Philippines. Lucky, there’s Bow & Wow.

Everybody in Bow & Wow loved Pepper. It’s so not common in this country to have people carry a cat with them outside the house. I love the fact that the staff in Bow & Wow are pet-lovers and I just asked away for some advice on how to take care of Pepper.

Aside from all-natural treats, we also got him some new toys to play with. Sadly he didn’t like the wormy catnip-infused toy I bought. He’s actually scared of it. Lol.

Pepper’s so nice to have. He’s so playful and naughty. He likes being tickled while biting on his favorite ball of yarn. He likes being trapped in our clothes hamper as he tries to figure out how to get out of it. Sometimes, he also enjoys being the butt of our jokes =^.^=

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