Orangebox: Your Elite Beauty Subscription Box

It’s one of those days that I had to drive. On a rainy day.

Driving in Manila is such a chore. I imagine, probably if I were in the States or Canada, I would have a hella lot of a better time driving around.

Adding to fact that it’s the rainy season… I had to “strategize” well as to what’s the best time I should leave for work and leave from work. When I’m driving, I worry about (1)the traffic, (2)the parking, and (3)the weather.

Anyway, luckily I got home even before the heavy rain poured in.

What made my Friday a lot sweeter was this package that was waiting for me by my doorstep…

Sorry I have super low EQ on packages, I rip them open the moment i see that blue package… So here’s what’s inside the happy blue bag.

It’s an Orangebox!!!

If you haven’t had enough of the different beauty subscription boxes floating out there yet, here’s another one, the Orangebox. Yay!!

What’s different about Orangebox is that you get full sized products every time. Subscription rates are from Php499.00 to Php1,499.00

Since I got a minibox, I am guessing that this is under the Php499.00 range. What’s inside?

I squeal!!!

I’ve been wanting to buy one of those NYX jumbo pens and this Oreaf Colorful Stick Shadow (worth Php359.00) is such a great alternative. My second product is the Ottie Natural Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (worth Php325.00), perfect for my putol brows. My sparse eyebrows are the most attention-needing part of my face… so if my box is worth Php499.00, given these two products, I’d totally take these two as jackpot!

What I like about Orangebox is that they seem to get “really down to business” in terms of matching their subscriber’s beauty profile with their products–unlike some other beauty boxes I know that has received negative feedback from their subbies by their crazy matching of products vs subscriber profile.

Orangebox don’t rip you off with “what-the-hell-happened-to-my-money”-sized products. They only send out full sized ones that did no-nonsense in matching products with your beauty profile–who wouldn’t be happy with that? ๐Ÿ™‚

I also like that Orangebox is very client-service oriented. In a clutter of beauty subscription services, a good clientele handling will always play as an edge–be it your customer, subscriber, brand partner, partner blogger, etc.

Another thing that’s interesting about Orangebox is that they carry brands that are not yet in the local market. Right now, Orangebox carries Bebeco, Ottie, Gel Nail, and Ferity–all of which looked interesting and promising.

One opportunity they can look at is to reach out to cult or niche brands from other countries aside from Korea and veer away from mainstream brands that are readily available in the Philippine market.

Good brands to add might be MakeupGeek, Lime Crime, etc. Plus, I know there are some cult beauty brands from UK that are willing to send samples to these subscription companies.

If you’d like to try out Orangebox, be sure to go to their website here.

PS, Thank you so much to Ms. Ace for this surprise ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. I tried Orangebox once. Customer service IS lovely and I love that you get only full-size items. It was just a lil’ too expensive for me, that’s why I didn’t keep it on board..

    • Hi Tellie!

      I guess that’s why they came up with Php499 box na. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m keeping my hopes up for this subscription service brand to rise as they go along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

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