One Million Trees & Beyond Project

I have been attending Catechetical sessions every Sunday recently and in this morning’s topic, it was about God’s intended world for us. We all know that humans were given a very beautiful planet to live in… until we have come to know it as it is today–denuded forests, depleted ozone, polluted cities, environmental degradation, etc–all of which are consequences of man-made actions.

And while we were talking about all these floods happening, the effects of global warming and all, a brilliant idea came in to me: to be involved in tree-planting activities.

So, as soon as I reached home, I googled for organizations that can help me with this goal and found One Million Trees & Beyond Project (OMTB) from Lasallian Institute for the Environment (LIFE).

The Green for LIFE: One Million Trees and Beyond Project, launched in 2006, serves to provide a venue for more pro-active responses to environmental issues through tree-planting activities and reforestation programs that promote the propagation and caring for indigenous species. The goal is to plant and nurture one million trees by the year 2011.

OMTB has already planted 743, 939 trees as of August 2010. When you come to think of it, all these efforts, if continued for the years to come, we can surely expect a better Earth to live in. This project is like an investment for the future generations to come.

With this, I hope that you can take time to visit their site and provide support. Any form of help will be truly appreciated by your kids someday. ๐Ÿ™‚

photo taken from OMTB website

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