Nokia’s new Ovi Mail

I see so much potential in this new email server provided by Nokia called Ovi Mail. Driven by my Gossip Girl vision that someday, we too will have the same easy access to email via our phones–not necessarily to spread gossip–is such a dreamy dreamy world.

As Nokia’s trade mark, Ovi Mail is very user-friendly. The email service is accessible via your ordinary Nokia mobile phone and even via your laptop/PC.ย I can’t help but compare it to gmail, but this provides an edge by promising to give everyone the opportunity to start using their email account directly through their Nokia mobile phones. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As opposed to Blackberry, which costs almost an arm to get the mobile phone itself–plus the cost in every email sent, Ovi mail is for free. In fact, as of October 2008, a lot of s40 and s60 UI Nokia phones are Ovi Mail enabled. Further, Nokia is launching a series of new economy phones (with price tags not exceeding Php 6,000.00) to cater to this new email service.

I already signed up for my Ovi this morning, why don’t you get yours?

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