NEW GAME: Shooting with the Stars

I’m re-running this game I first posted in 2009. I had so much entertaining entries that I thought, why not have it again?

The idea is simple. You just have to tweet me a fan pic–any photo op with an artista or celebrity (someone famous). You can send as many fan pics as you want. But to qualify, your face and the celeb’s face has to be clear on the picture–NO PHOTOSHOP/Photo-editing allowed! πŸ™‚

Here are the mechanics:

  • You must follow me on twitter @couchwasabi
  • Like Bittersweet FB fanpage and follow them on Twitter @bittersweet_xp
  • IMPORTANT: LIKE and Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Tumblr via the β€˜SHARE THIS’ button at the bottom of this page
  • Tweet me @couchwasabi and @bittersweet_xp, describe your fan pic, and tag two friends (e.g. @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp I had a photo op with Xiann Lim! @friend1 @friend2
  • Leave your Twitter ID on the comments section below with your photo tweet description and twitter link (e.g. @YOURtwitterusername I had a photo op with Xiann Lim!
  • You can send as many entries as you like
  • FIVE (5) winners will get to have FREE underarm waxing and free eyebrow threading service from BITTERSWEET WAXING SALON
  • This contest ends on 03/15/13, 11:59PM
  • Winners will be announced via TWITTER on MARCH 16, 2013

Please follow the instructions completely. You have 2 weeks to scout for an artista and ambush him/her for a photo op! Haha. Goodluck! πŸ™‚

This contest is sponsored by BITTERSWEET WAXING STUDIO
2/F, Courtyard Bldg., Sgt. Esguerra Avenue, Brgy. South Triangle, 1103 Quezon City, Philippines
412-23-70 / 0915 7260475 / 0933 2493425


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  1. abi ‏@abiboy541

    @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp I had a photo op with derek ramsay ! @amity225 @laidyco

  2. Gracia ( @velinzech)

    ” @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp got a chance to be with Iya for a day πŸ˜€ @FranzzeG @PJNabaza “

  3. Gracia ( @velinzech)

    ” @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp drag this lovely girl- Ms. Lovi (or is this just my guniguni?) @jgesguerra18 @nath_jr31 “

  4. Gracia (@velinzech)

    ” @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp I love the way he smile! Andrew Wolf is my man (in my dreams!) @sherryjho @JericsDaddy “

  5. Gracia ( @velinzech )

    @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp happy to take a pic w/ the ever beautiful Ms. Alice Dixon @MrsNathanielSr @watchakat05

  6. Gracia ( @velinzech )

    @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp I love her BF πŸ˜€ and i like her πŸ™‚ with Ms. Nikki Gil @nathfortunatojr @jojocatubay

  7. Gracia ( @velinzech)

    @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp lucky Valentine’s Day with Ms. Jessica Sanchez! @PJNabaza @FranzzeG

  8. Twitter: @yabs20

    I had a photo w/ @CarloRomero15 a former PBB Housemate during Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show. @toniregs @WeirdMeeee

  9. My first picture with the artista! I bump to Mr. Charming John Lloyd….

    1st time ever nagpapicture ako sa artista and look @couchwasabi @bittersweet_xp I’m with Mr. Charming John Llyod!