New Foodie Spot: Mu Noodle Bar

Not your typical Chinese noodle house, Mu Noodle Bar boasts a cozy feel, modern interior, and amazing food. It’s a great dating place, or even a brunch meeting spot. The serving is great for sharing of 2-3 persons. Below are the food we got:

The black ho fan is a Cantonese rice noodle with squid ink. Not a big fan of squid ink dishes, but this gave me an exception πŸ™‚

I super love their Cereal and Hoti prawn. The green tempura thing is amazing and the cereal variety is a bit sweet–perfect for sugar lovers like me. Their oyster cake with mozzarella cheese does not disappoint as well.

I forgot what was this called, but it’s super yummy! I think this is the three style egg custard. It’s Taiwanese bun with something sweet inside.

All of these for only Php 800.00 πŸ™‚

Mu Noodle Bar is at #197 Wilson St., 1600 San Juan, Philippines

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