My Morning Facial Care Routine

Good morning! December is here and I just want to share with you something–thanks to my mom’s endless nag on the aesthetic value of our skin–esp. our face, my sisters and I have flawless porcelain skin. Whenever I let someone know that I don’t use foundation, the usual reaction would be, “wala nang foundation yan?” or “ang swerte mo naman…”Β  These are the compliments I enjoy hearing about my skin. And yes, I always give unsolicited advice on skin care to my friends and colleagues.

This made me realize that I should put up my skin care routine here. I don’t know what works for you, but this skin care routine works for me. If you don’t have an adapted skin care routine yet, maybe you can pick up something from this post. So here goes:

  1. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I wash my face with mild soap or baby soap with water. I use Tender Care baby soap (sometimes Ivory’s Aloe Soap or any mild facial cleanser) and rinse my face with 30 splashes of water. Yes. THIRTY. If you feel extra icky, re-soap your face one more time and make ANOTHER 30x rinsing of water.
  2. After washing my face, I’d get my Eskinol Facial Cleanser as my toner to close the pores that has opened up while washing my face. I prefer their Vitamin C variant, but since it was discontinued, I reverted to their clear with grains variant. If your skin reacts when using Eskinol, or if it’s too strong for your skin, the most basic form of closing the pores is to rub ice cubes on your face. The ice cube method worked well for my office mate when I told her about it. She noticed improvements with her skin by just doing this in the morning.
  3. After using the toner, I never forget to put my sunblock. The sun can do so much damage on your skin. It hastens the aging process of your skin–and you wouldn’t want that! I use Aveeno SPF 100 facial sunblock. It’s not available locally but any sunblock with at least SPF30 will do. What I like most about Aveeno is that it’s perfect for the face since it’s not greasy.
  4. Finally, after protecting my face with a sunblock, I seal it by applying Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel as my primer before putting all the makeup I plan to wear for the day. Monistat acts as my oil-control base and provides a good canvass for my makeup. Google about Monistat and you can see a lot of girls have compared this to Smashbox primer.

There you have it, my morning skin care routine. What’s yours?

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