My 3-day Boracay vacay

It’s my second time to be in Boracay. Last year was such a drag since it was raining during the time I was there. Plus, I was left by the plane so I had to rebook my trip and got delayed for a day. Luckily, this year, I was able to be on time for my flight and checked-in successfully.

I’m not really a beach person. What I look forward most about Boracay–more than the sun, sand and sea thing–is the shopping part. And I’m saving a separate post for my Boracay haul… mashado silang marami to be included in this post.

It was my first time to see the grotto in Boracay. I think this is where I got my sunburn–walking to this spot from station 2.

We had our yummy lunch at D-Talipapa. I went to Boracay with a group of 25 funny people.

Complete attendance! Here they are–my 25 Boracay travel-mates. Peeping on our side is Boy Abunda’s laughing shot for La Carmela.

Speaking of La Carmela, I really didn’t like the resort that much. The room was small and the CR is so-so. I enjoyed the resort we stayed in last year, but I forgot the name. It’s just at the back of La Carmela.

Anyways, we went off to go island hopping and I was so aliw when this sea-icecream vendor approached us. Galing diba?

Mamang icecream sells Cornetto for Php50 and Magnum icecreams for Php100–but what the heck! I’m so mababaw and overjoyed of the thought of having icecream in the middle of the sea!

So here’s Manang Belyn and I being photobombed by Kuya icecream vendor.

After my white choco Cornetto, I jumped in the sea for a swim. The water was incredible! Sarap lang.

One of the islands we spotted from island hopping

After island hopping, we went back to Station 2 and had another soak in the beach.

Here we’re on the way back to Caticlan na and about to go ย back to Clark. All of us had so much fun. And no, I did not experience the “colorful nightlife” of Boracay. I’ll save that for next time when I’m with my prince charming nalang. Char.

And finally, boarding na for flight DG7403 Clark bound.

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  1. Look at that cute guy’s smile at your boat boarding pass. What a perfect epal.

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