Ms. Silka 2012

Our country is a home of many beautiful and gorgeous women. We’re a melting pot of half-bloods. It’s no wonder why these half-Filipina-and-half-something has always been groomed by their parents to join either showbiz or beauty pageants.

When Bayo came out with half-something-partially-something ad with Jasmin Curtis, it caused a stir online–saying it’s a flag for discrimination. I did not take offense with their campaign. For me, the people behind the ad campaign were just capturing a cultural truth: that we are more inclined to be attracted to tisays (half-Filipina-and-half-some-other-blood). By that statement, I have absolutely no intent to put down the pure Filipinas. To each their own. But we must not be a hypocrite to the fact that most people in our country would find a tisay more attractive.

This was evident when I attended Ms. Silka last week at Sta. Lucia Mall. Most of the contestants were tisays. In fact, the top 4 winners were tisays. Anyway, let me run you down with what happened during the event. The girls who topped my list were Ms. Pasay, Ms. Mandaluyong, and Ms. Antipolo. Here’s my photodump:

Ms. Pasay, Riane dela Cruz, is a morena stunner and she’s my favorite among all the girls
Ms. Mandaluyong,Β Khelly Welt, was petite and pretty
Ms. Antipolo, Christine Almaden, can surely work the runway. Love her.
Even the special awardees were mostly tisays
Did I mention the Junos brothers–pirated version of Jonas brothers–was there, too? Char.
The gorgeous Ms. Antipolo won Best in Evening Gown
I was called on stage to announce the winner for Ms. SureSlim Ambassadress of Wellness
The special award goes to… Christine (Ms. Antipolo)!
They’re my favorites: Riane of Pasay and Christine of Antipolo
Christine as our Ms. SureSlim Ambassadress of Wellness for 2012
I really love her beauty. I think she’s an absolute charmer πŸ™‚
Ms Marikina won Best in Costume… bakit? Kase pati hair naka costume attire: a la hair ni Princess Jasmine! Chos.
Christine looked a lot like Grace Lee in these shots.
I really dig her beauty. Simpleng ganda lang.
Change outfit din ako when I was called again to present the giveaways
Here are the semi-finalists with our goodie bags.
The SureSlim team with Ms Silka top 4 winners
Finally, the SureSlim team with our ambassadress, Christine Almaden

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