Miss You Like Crazy (2010)


I’m usually picky with local movies. After watching Bea-JL’s One More Chance, I became a fan of their loveteam. I loved the movie and I was fearless in buying a ticket for Miss You Like Crazy since I know this is not one of those shallow Pinoy love stories that is all pa-tweetums.

I didn’t like the movie at first because of the storyline that goes “man-has-a-gf-but-still-gets-too-friendly-with-another-girl-he-just-met. Ugh, the nightmare. But as the story goes, you’ll realize thatย it’s actually a sad reality and things like these happen. That a man with a 4-year relationship has become unhappy, he meets a new girl that is totally different from his longtime gf, and decides to take a bite. ๐Ÿ˜

Yes, I can actually relate with the role of Daph.

I liked the small stuff that makes this movie unique, the creative people who thought of putting in Mia’s gestures of leaving stones with her feelings written on it is, for me, brilliant. Although the scenes where Mia and Allan would stay at Titiwangsa Park to catch a view of the Petronas Towers reminded me of scenes in 500 Days of Summer.

I liked the way it presented the harsh realities of love life. The sudden change of hearts, the choices you’d have to weigh in love, and the risks you’d have to take for love.

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