Micropeeling skin care regimen

I know for most people, their face is somewhat whiter than the rest of their body but I have always found myself to be the opposite. I don’t know if it’s paranoia, but I find that my face is darker than the rest of my body. With this, I have followed this skin care regimen since I was in highschool (yes, I started going to derma for micropeeling since highschool, I’m that vain).

I usually schedule my peeling when the rainy season starts since you should stay away from the sun while you are peeling. The new skin tends to be more sensitive against the sunlight. So basking under the sun while you have your peeling going on can actually do more harm to your skin than good.

Anyway, I use Smooth On Lightening Oil, which I get from my local derma. This bottle sells for only Php450 and you can use it throughout the year. Now, this is NOT the same as the generic green peeling oil that you see sold online. This product actually has lightening/whitening, anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties in it. You have to know that since your new skin is more sensitive, these active ingredients prevent you from having breakouts while having your peeling. It also helps give you that rosy white glow as compared to the “burned red look” from those generic green peeling oil.

Here’s what I do:

  • I apply this product on my face using my ring finger once nightly for 3 consecutive nights before I go to bed (green peeling oil has to be applied THREE TIMES with 15-minute interval each night for 3 nights before it can take effect–Que horror!)
  • Never forget to put on sunscreen/sunblock on the desired peeling area during the day for the next 7 days. I like using Aveeno SPF 100 for this.
  • After 3 nights of religiously applying, I STOP. Usually, on the 2nd day there will be some skin peeling going on already. The 3rd day can peel most of your face.
  • Since you are peeling, please be careful with the peeling area to avoid scratches and accidental abrasions. DO NOT RUB THE AREA while taking a bath or washing your face or drying with towel. Just pat dry.
  • DO NOT USE FACIAL SCRUB. I only use the normal Kojic Acid soap in washing my face during the course of peeling.
  • DO NOT APPLY TONER on the face or it’ll sting like hell. After washing your face, let’s say when you get home from work, put on some lightening moisturizer. Olay White Radiance or Pond’s White Beauty will do. Carefully pick the non-oily product.
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream on spots that may sting instead of lightening moisturizer. I get mine from local or even generic pharmacies.
  • After 5-7 days your face is now fully peeled and your deadskin cells are begone. Your rosy white baby skin is now ready for flaunting! ๐Ÿ™‚

One bottle can last a year or so. You can use this to any part of your body like elbows, knees, legs, neck, and even underarms. Since the face is more sensitive, it has more steps. But whenever I wanted to peel my legs, the basic thing I do is that I apply this for 3 consecutive nights and put sunblock during the day. No need for moisturizer and etc. etc. on the legs anymore.

If you’re interested to buy this product, Jeannie’s Facial Clinic is just along Banawe St., you may contact Dra. Julie at +632-7129744.

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  1. I agree with all the tips written here. I’ll just add another tips for peeling our legs, you should avoid wearing tight clothes in order to avoid skin discoloration. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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