Marbled Cream Cheese from Baked Concoctions

If you joined my 4th Anniversary raffle, you’ve probably seen this as part of my giveaway. Thanks to my good friend, Wena, the power lady behind Baked Concoctions, she made me try her scrumptious Marbled Cream Cheese yesterday.

Actually, I placed an order for my sisters’ birthday to be sent to them in advance. It was a special request from my spoiled sisters as two of them are having their birthday next week.

I don’t normally eat chocolate and brownies, but this is sooooo delicious! The brownies are very moist and chewy. It has a sweet and salty taste because of the cream cheese. Very velvety and luxurious in the palate, indeed.

I brought some to our office today and shared it with my workmates–I made them try it even if they were on a strict diet and assured that this is worth the cheat! True enough, Baked Concoction’s Marbled Cream Cheese did not disappoint. :-p

I’m not exaggerating. I’m betting my cute little tiny pwet on this. It’s super yummy and I’m sure it’s perfect for your monito-monita this holiday season.

A box of 15 is only Php250.00 and they also have it in box of 24. For orders and inquiries, you can check out Baked Concoctions thru Facebook

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