Make Realistic 2013 Resolutions


I have been stressing over my weight for the past days and the past year. I know I’m not that huge and you might find me crazy for even saying this but I get really frustrated when I try to fit in the clothes I used to wear and eventually end up throwing it at the back of my cabinet.

I tend to gain and lose weight fast. But I guess now that I am in my late twenties, my metabolism tends to slow down and so I tend to gain weight faster than I am able to shed it off.

Seriously, there are clothes that I was able to wear just 3 months ago that I can not even fit in anymore! And my boyfriend is the number one victim of my daily weight-related rants.

I was never the exercise type. I never do exercise, I AM LAZY to do exercise. One single sit-up is soooo stressful for me. I did yoga in 2010 but that’s it. Commitment for exercise for me is just so hard.

For some reason, since I was a kid, I really eat A LOT and still be skinny. I’m the skinniest of the 5 siblings. My grandmother would feed me more food than the rest of my sisters and I would still be the skinniest. And for years, I was happy with this set-up. I could eat double than the rest of my family’s eating and still look skinny (I know my sisters would envy me for that. lol).

I used to try modeling when I was younger and my metabolism worked for my advantage. Whenever I’d have shoots or events, I’d crash diet 3 days before the event and I’d look twig-thin in an instant. Life was so simple back then.

Now, no matter what I do–cut meals, or move around (but never exercise), I still don’t lose the weight I want to lose! Really, it’s so frustrating.

Anyway, I am now starting to rant to you and I wouldn’t want that. I’m turning 28 and for sure my metabolism will get to be more of the pain in the ass than what it currently is. 2013 will be about being healthy and staying thin. I’ll keep you posted on this.

If you have weight control solutions or any simple exercise tip that will not leave me breathless (forget about crossfit. I will definitely die in that exercise routine), do leave me a note via email or drop a comment below.

Happy New Year!

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