Luxury brand inspired bedsheets

One of Manila’s shopping mecca is Greenhills. In fact, because of my love for shopping, I’m almost always in Greenhills every weekend to get my dose of retail therapy.

This time I spotted some brilliant store in Shoppesville which sells LV, Gucci and Burberry inspired beddings. Since I have a penchant for LV stuff, I bought home two sets of different LV sheets.

They have fitted sheets for single (Php 290), double (Php 340), queen (Php 350) and king. Pillow cases are priced at Php 130 for 2 pcs. I think the price is pretty reasonable. For a set of one queen sized bedsheet and two standard Louis Vuitton pillow cases, you only pay for Php 480.00

This is a far cry from the LV bedsheet set I bought last Christmas for my parents. At Php 2,500.00, the one I got last Christmas is from Japan and has a duvet cover included (see below, you can buy the same here)

Price does equate to quality at times–especially for these sheets. The one I got from MLD, worth more than two grand, has 280 threadcounts and does not fade when you wash it using machine. The prints are clear too. While the ones you get in Greenhills may fade during the first wash, and of course, the prints may have slight inaccuracies.

But for less than 500 bucks? I’d definitely go back to Greenhills to get more LV sheets! The trick is to have a sharp eye in picking your beddings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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