Lovely Valentine Pearls

I have this weird habit of giving myself a gift on every occasion–like birthdays, Christmas and valentine’s. And since today is the lovely day of hearts, I decided to give myself a new pearl necklace… because yes, a woman should own at least a strand of pearls.

The only pearl necklace I have is the plain white freshwater necklace I bought for myself a couple of years back. It was siopao pearls–but high quality–and it costs for Php 400.00 with free pair of earrings. That time, I think I was channeling Audrey Hepburn.

This time, I was eyeing for a more fun strand of pearls so I picked a dainty pink-purple-white multicolored strand of rounded pearls. I paid Php850.00 for a strand of 16-inch quality round freshwater pearls. I also had them individually knotted just so my strand accidentally meets an unfortunate end… I won’t be sprinkling lovely pearls all over.

Generally, rounded pearls cost much more than other shaped pearls. For a cheaper alternative, you can get “egg” or “potato” shaped multicolored pearls for Php 350.00 the cheapest… and Php 650.00 for the high quality versions. In my opinion, I’ think you should always get high quality or none at all.

Anyway, I got my pearls from Wanisah Pearl in Greenhills (and I seriously think I got a great bargain from them… I was getting prices from Php 1,100-1,500 from other stores for the same strand of pearls). You can contact them at +63917.389.1555 or +632.703.9991

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