L’Oreal Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream

Finally found a sensible eye cream.

I swear, I’d look like a hideous monster without my trusty concealer–which I recently found that it has been discontinued by its manufacturer 🙁 . With my insomnia, I’d be a god if I don’t have dark circles, right? And as I’ve mentioned, my trusty Elianto concealer has been discontinued already, the more I need to find a better alternative.

Here I found L’Oreal’s latest wonder product,  it’s L’Oreal Derma Genesis Eye Contour Cream. I first heard of this from another kikay friend who have tried and tested it… and loved it! So for about USD 17.00 a pop, I decided to try it too! 😉

With this product, a little goes a long way. Just a tiny blob on your ring finger, it can cover both eye contours. So the 15ml tube can definitely last a month or two. L’Oreal Derma Genesis is to be applied in the morning and at night. Upon application, you can feel a warm sensation. That’s ok, just think of it as the product doing its anti-aging and firming wonders.

It is said that you can see results after 30 days. But with me, after 3 days of using it devotedly day and night, boy, I already love what I am seeing! It does reduce the dark circles. Coolness…

Oh well, I might not be needing my Elianto concealer anymore. 🙂

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