Look of the Day: Summer Sunset

Today I experimented on these warm hues, getting inspiration from my skirt. Ha. The colors blended really well. And I guess, as a tip, it’s best to use a white base/primer on the lid to make the colors pop. In here, I used ELF white eye primer and then set it with a white eyeshadow. A good alternative would be a primer + white cream shadow. The cream shadow will help MMU stick and since it’s white, the colors will be more vibrant.

Since my eyes are wearing loud colors already, I used a peachy/coral shade for my cheeks and lips. I used ELF Candid Coral blush and Motives Coral Light lipstick.

I didn’t use the foiling method this time as I was experimenting. Turns out, this works okay even with dry application. ๐Ÿ™‚ Below are the Virginia Olsen shades that I used for this look:

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