Like tattoo? Solone magic waterproof eyepencil

I’ve been using this for months now–and I absolutely swear by it! I have really sensitive eyes and they get dry most of the time–which means I tear a lot or I’d have to use eye drops A LOT…. which again translates to eyeliner and mascara nightmare!

This never really bothered me until I started using eyeliners and mascaras whenever I put on bold eye makeup (I just started putting on makeup early this year… I AM a late bloomer!). So, since then I have had this quest for amazing waterproof eyeliners that are REALLY waterproof.

Even before K-palette’s 1-day tattoo came here, I was already using Solone. I prefer Solone since I prefer using eye pencils on my lower lashline and I just use felt-tip types on my upper lash for more precision. For my felt-tip liner, I use the normal ELF waterproof felt liners–the staying power of my lower lashline’s eyeliner is more crucial for me.

Solone worked perfectly in staying put the whole day. Even if I get teary, it doesn’t smudge or smear. I do get a hard time getting it off with soap and water but you can always use a makeup remover to swipe this off of your face.

Solone’s made in Taiwan. I sell it at Php350–I got the colors black, gray, purple, brown and blue.

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