LG A190: Budget Active Dual-Sim phone

I recently scouted for a nice basic dual-sim phone for my secondary and tertiary numbers. I was actually planning to buy Nokia’s C2-00, but since it was out of stock at almost every store I went in Megamall, I finally purchased its LG counterpart. For Php400 cheaper, I got LG A190 for only Php 1,499.00

The phone enables you to send and receive calls and text messages on both sim cards. What I don’t like about this phone is that you’d have to press so many buttons in order to read a message and even send a message. I know it might be part of a basic phone’s characteristic, but Samsung’s basic phone (E1080) didn’t have this issue.

Also, the application icons are not moveable, and the down side is, the application positioned at the middle is its FM radio…which means, when you accidentally press it, the radio automatically turns on–which can be quite embarrassing at times.

After purchasing this phone, we found out that Huawei offers their basic dual-sim phone at Php 999.00 and Alcatel has a qwerty dual sim phone at Php 1,399.00

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