Legally Blonde the Musical in Manila

OMIGOD you guys!

I was really looking forward to watch Legally Blonde primarily because of the chihuahua. Yes. As I was able to see the recorded version of its US staging in MTV and I was really curious how can the Manila staging pull off the acting chihuahua.

Sadly, there were no acting and barking chihuahua, just a stationary puppy being dragged across the stage… but that’s fine. Legally Blonde in Manila was a breath of fresh air to one and all.

I went to watch the play with my entire familyand was kept entertained throughout the entire show. Though we may have been familiarized with the movie version, as popularized by Reese Witherspoon, this play is more than just girl power on the lose.

Everyone aged 13 to 60 were all laughing quite hard with all of Nikki Gil’s (playing Elle Woods) quirky antics. Of course, who can forget the ever famous bend-and-snap?

I was wow-ed by Geneva Cruz’s (playing fitness guruย Brooke Wyndham) performance as she jumped rope while singing Whip Into Shape. I know how hard it is to sing without panting while you jump… that must’ve taken a lot of practice… and I personally think that Gretchen Barretto (the one who supposedly is to play Brooke) can ever pull that off.ย So for Geneva’s awesome singing and jumping… she deserves some brownie points for thatย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comparing the US staging and our local staging, I think the original version is better. The puppiesย used in the US staging wereย real, the FedEx guy was hotter, and Emmet was cuter (sorry, Nyoy). Nonetheless, our very own staging is equally entertaining ๐Ÿ™‚

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