Lazada PH Launches StyleCon

Last September 10, Lazada launches StyleCon, an event brought together today’s brightest young names in the different fields of style–such as makeup, couture, styling, and modeling.  Talks revolved around style and beauty in the age of social media and digital shopping.

Lazada’s StyleCon was attended by beauty & style bloggers, influencers, and industry insiders, as they were treated to an informative and inspiring talk by Lazada Stylecon Panelists: Sassa Jimenez, Patty Ang, Kelsey Merritt, Bea Constantino, and Angela Yeo.

Some of the take-aways from these notable fashion and beauty personalities include Patty Ang’s tip in investing in good jewelry: “It’s a great investment because it stands the test of time. You can even pass it on to your children. Quality pieces, be it jewelry or leather bags, are great ways to add a sense of class to your wardrobe without feeling the need to update constantly.”

As for online shopping? Haute Couture designer Sassa Jimenez gave the most practical tip: “Online shopping is great because you don’t have to decide (and spend) on the spot if you want to purchase an item. In fact, you can make a wish list when shopping online. Add the items in your cart. Sleep on it. Come back the following day and assess if you still want to push through with the purchase.”

An interesting topic during the discussion was the effect of social media on fashion trends and individual style. During this casual discussion, we realized that even the experts in individual fields were always on the lookout for inspiration from other people. In a truly social world, we inspire each other with our own unique style. However, the most important learning from STYLECON was best summed up by Bea Constantino, “Find your passion, always update yourself, and build your brand.”

With more and more people passionate about fashion, Lazada has continually increased inventory with a wide assortment of fashion and health & beauty products. Lazada believes in empowering people to find their passion from the comfort of their homes, be it in fashion, photography, make-up, or the arts. Check out new and exciting finds by visiting

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