Join Strip Manila’s Razor Amnesty today!

Strip Manila is having an awesome deal until June 30 aptly named Razor Amnesty. You just have to surrender your old razor and you can enjoy one session of underarm IPL ACE for only Php1,498.00–that’s 70% off from their regular price.

Since my 16-year old sister has been wanting to try out Strip’s IPL ACE, I took her with me yesterday and together we marched to Serendra and joined Strip’s Razor Amnesty.

My sister is not new to laser hair removal, she previsouly went to another hair removal center that offers Diode Laser hair removal so she was able to compare Strip’s IPL ACE and Diode. She frankly told me she liked Strip more mainly because of her Striperella’s amazing customer service.

Both IPL ACE and Diode underarm laser hair removal lasts for only 15-20 minutes per session for both arms. While IPL ACE has to be 4 weeks apart per session, Diode needs 6-8 weeks interval per session.

I tried asking my Striperella as to the difference of Strip’s IPL ACE and Diode but I guess it’s hard to tell.

Anyway, here’s my turn to zap it away…

I was telling my Striperella how IPL laser removal used to be 4-5 years ago–the therapist had to put ice on my pits to numb it out before flashing the laser machine and though I have a high tolerance for pain, I can still feel lashes of pain (pitik sensations) every time the laser is blasted on my underarms. Good thing things got modern now and they don’t have to ice our pits anymore. Plus, Strip’s IPL ACE is absolutely pain-free, which reminds me that this is perfect if you are planning to have your vajayjay hair zapped.

Below are the IPL ACE settings reflected on the machine.

I’m inviting you to join Strip’s Razor Amnesty. You’ve only got a few more days to turn in your old razor and say good-bye to unwanted hair!

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Strip Ministry of Waxing
2/F The Piazza at Serendra, Taguig City
Contact Number: (632) 901 0892 or 0917 847 2112

4/F Greenbelt 5, Makati City
Contact Number: (632) 501 3997 or 0918 947 8747

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