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  1. I availed of this promo today at SM Manila. And sorry to say I was really disappointed. First thing hindi daw available yun pesto cream. So sabi ok lang. Nakalagay doon first plate is full while the next plates will be half servings nalang. We ordered the Penne cream first medyo ok pa ito meron cheese and konting bits of bacon and cream sauce. Next we ordered the pinoy spaghetti noon sinerve you could see that it was a full serving and after tasting you could see the sauce was runny maraming tubig na hinalo so you could barely taste the tomato ok naman yun meat and hotdog. On the 3rd plate, same thing pero the sauce this time was even more diluted than the 2nd plate and wala na halos laman na hotdog. sa 4th plate Penne cream again walang ng cheese and ni isang bacon bit tapos yun cream sauce parang tubig na so basically it was like eating rubber bullets yun penne basta it was so bland walang ka lasa lasa. I also noticed the serving was bigger than the first na dapat half serving nalang. Parang ginawa ito para hindi ko maubos yun plate so I will need to pay more dahil no leftovers.I know this is a promo pero sana naman consistent yun quality ng food na iserve pasama ng pasama every plate. The point of having a promo is for people to come back again even if wala ng promo. Hopefully hindi ganoon ang ibang branches. If ganoon din you’re better off saving your 149 pesos.

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