Jiro Dreams of Sushi learnings


I guess this is one of the best foreign movies I have ever seen lately.

Chef Jiro’s 10-seater sushi-only restaurant,Β Sukiyabashi Jiro, is located in a Tokyo subway station. It’s the only restaurant in its kind which earned the prestigious 3 Michelin stars. Chef Jiro’s sushis are said to be the finest sushi in the world. He has also been featured in Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and many other world renowned chefs have acknowledged Chef Jiro’s amazing sushi.

Just like most Japanese are, this movie highlights Chef Jiro’s perseverance and personal philosophy in striving for perfection. It’s the process of continuous learning and improvement to attain the most of you can be. In Chef Jiro’s case, the harmonious and most sound sushis he can serve to his customers in his restaurant.

I was surprised to know that people would have to reserve at least a month before they can have a seat in his resto. The price is not cheap–it’s a minimum of 30,000 yen ($368) for a fixed menu of 20 pieces of sushi. The menu is done daily, depending on the available fish. The arrangement of the menu is also created by Chef Jiro. It is said that his menu is arranged in complete harmony like a musical concerto. Even each of the sushis served–the balance of the rice and the fish–is in perfect balance.

The movie shows how Chef Jiro trained himself and his attitude in fully devoting his life to serve the best sushi. His meticulous sense of smell and taste, and how he influenced his sons to follow his footsteps. It’s a good movie to provide yourself a little motivation and appreciate your work. No one comes great in an instant. It requires years and years of practice, experience, and even occassional boo-boos.

Do check out this movie and let me know what you think πŸ™‚

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