iShNiP Frozen Yogurt

Last Sunday, we found this new standalone froyo store in Banawe area and decided to give it a go. People now are more critical with the products that come out. That’s why we always accomodate new-comers to play in the market. And with our freedom of speech (via online or offline), we get to voice out our “constructive criticisms” so these businessmen can improve their stuff.

Now, going back to our new discovery, it was nice that they had a lot of toppings to begin with–from candies, to cereals, to fresh fruits. I picked strawberry-kiwi-lychee combo. They even had a promo for 8pm onwards–FREE fruit or leche flan topping for every topping you get (so that’s a buy 1 take 1 topping).

I was dismayed, though, that my froyo was not that frozen. It was almost a slushie… hence the lubog appearance of the froyo from the toppings. So that’s one big booboo for their froyo’s consistency.

Luckily my sisters had a more decent cup. One thing you can notice is that, as compared to the more commercialized froyo brands, they are very generous with their toppings.

Price-wise, I think iShNiP is pretty reasonable… very close to Red Mango’s.ย Theirย smallestย cup goes for Php 75.00 (4 oz.), and that’s Php 40.00 for 3 toppings. No flavored froyo available so far.

iShNiP Frozen Yogurt is along Cordillera st.

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