Instant Chinese Four Herb Noodle Soup (Sibut)

Sibut [si-boot] soup is popular among Chinese. My ahma (grandma) is the best cook in the world and she makes the best sibut teng! I remember my grandmother used to give me a bowl of this aromatic soup when I was young, especially during puberty, to boost my immune system. I used to love drinking this soup, normally with black chicken. I’m sure any Chinese household is familiar to the term sibut.

A packet of sibot/sibut composed of (among other things):ย  Shu Di or Chinese foxglove, Tang Gui or Angelica Sinensis,ย  Chuan Xiong or Ligusticum, Bai Shao or Peony Alba, Chinese wolfberry or Goji berry. Each herb has their own curative function for the body. I’m not going to explain the use and help of each herb, you can google that on your own. But it is known that this soup is famous for restoring energy and strengthening the immune system. My favorite among the herbs/ingredients is the wolfberry or–as we call it–kam ki.

It’s been years since I last tasted sibut and since there is no way that I would know how to prepare sibut soup myself, you can just imagine my delight when a friend gave me a plastic of Instant Sibut Noodle Soup. It was like a pack of miracle given upon me!

I tried one pack this afternoon for lunch and boy it tasted like the traditionally prepared sibut. My office mates even commented on how aromatic it was. I loved that the noodle pack had actual wolfberries in it! ๐Ÿ™‚

How to prepare? You just need to open the pack, put the noodles and condiments in a bowl and pour in a half liter hot water to cook the noodles for 3 minutes.

Each plastic is sold for Php 250.00 (contains 5 packs of noodles). You can check my Auction House and order from me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. enjoyed and learned reading your sibot. first learned this ingredient from a saleslady at sm cubao. she said its good for nilagang baka. hesitant yes, but anyway i took her word for it and my family enjoyied sipping the nilagang baka soup with sibut. great taste.

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