I’m a certified gaya-gaya for Chanel Le Vernis Case

Sometimes I get jealous easily. Materially green-eyed, for that matter.

When I first seeing these Chanel Le Vernis case over Instagram, flaunted by the local fashionistas, it was only available on Etsy.com. I know that, for sure, it won’t be long until our Filipino geniuses can do a cheaper, more accessible, knock-off of these cases.

True enough, the Chanel Le Vernis case came out in a lot of local online sellers a couple of months back… but my first reaction was: “Gosh, so expensive naman for a knock-off case! Mas lalo na if it’s from China (which I’m 100% positive it IS), for sure the cost is only Php50-Php70!”

Yet these online sellers were marketing it for Php400-500 each. OA ha! Here are the iPhone case suppliers I have seen carrying the Le Vernis case:

From @pinksider_gs iPhone 5 – P490 iPhone 4/4s – P480
@loveforcases had it for a cheaper price of Php 400 Iphone 5 Php350 Iphone 4/4s
@crownedvelvet sell it for Php450 (iPhone 5 and 4s) with free shipping

Then genius behind @crownedvelvet started sending out these cases all over the fashionistas on Instagram. Here are some of the beneficiaries from @crownedvelvet:

I even read @crownedvelvet’s sponsorship to Jenni Epperson on her blog
Of course, @crownedvelvet made its way to fashionista Laureen Uy
But another supplier, @loveforcases, sent some for Laureen Uy, too. She’s one lucky girl to have so many sponsorships.

Not to be easily swayed by fashion. I decided to wait for a little more until another supplier pops up with a better price. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last week, @case_a_holix made its way to Divine Lee selling it for Php250 (excluding shipping of Luzon P90 โ€ข Visayas P95 โ€ข Mindanao P100)
But @case_a_holix doesn’t have the shade I like.. ๐Ÿ™

Then last week, I heard that my mom is now carrying an iPhone. I almost jumped for joy when I heard about it. If you do not know my mom, she’s the ultimate late adopter of everything techy. She’s a total Jurassic–but I absolutely love her.ย  <3 <3 <3

So, anyway, when I saw this post from Laureen Uy (it helps to be the #1 fashion blogger in town ‘cos you get gazillion sponsorships), I knew I had to get it for my mom. She loves Dior so much and is crazy loyal to the brand so this cute case would be awesome for her.

I saw this post from Laureen Uy, the golden girl of sponsorships, and she got it from @atchcatch

I immediately viber-ed @atchcatch and was more than delighted to know that they are selling these cases, along with Chanel Le Vernis case, for only Php260-Php280 (excluding MM Php50 shipping).

I didn’t think twice of getting for myself, too. And I got na rin for my ate.

Here are the ones I got for my mom, my sister and myself. Pure love <3

My Le Vernis Case is in Black Pearl. It’s a rubberized case with hardshell back. The design scratches easily–no wonder there is a protective plastic on it when you take it out from the box. But that’s okay, I love how it looks and feels on my phone. Again, pure love. <3 <3 <3

You can get in touch with @atchcatch via instagram or

To Order: Please fill up the form tinyurl.com/atchcatch For inquiries: text/viber 09178282891

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