H&W Organica’s El Javon de Cerveza (Beer Soap)

H&W Organica, the brainchild of Alvin Louie Ang, focuses on creating organic artisan health and beauty products. Their product line primarily revolves around Virginia Coconut Oil as the main ingredient. Apart from the usual VCO soap, goat’s milk soap, and seaweed soap, H&W Organica offers a lot of innovations like Black Soap with Tea Tree Oil, Chocolate Soap, Coffee Soap and Beer Soap.

The Black Soap with Tea Tree Oil is formulated to control excess oil and remove impurities that will clog the pores leading to pimples. It is made from premium grade VCO, which has anti-bacterial properties and moisturizing effects. It is infused with activated carbon to effectively draw out deep-seated dirt within the pores while the Tea Tree Oil provides a natural anti-bacterial effect to ease other skin problems.

For the Chocolate Soap, the VCO-based soap is mixed with cocoa liquor or what is commonly called tablea, which the source of cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer that penetrates through the top layer of skin and keeps the next layers healthy and hydrated. Also, because of cocoa butter’s anti-oxidant properties and its Vitamin A, E, and C content, it can help reduce fine lines and discoloration to make the skin appear younger and glowing.

H&W Organica’s Coffee Soap with Shea Butter will keep you perked up in the morning while providing the needed moisture to protect your skin from dryness. The soap is rich in anti-oxidants that help free radicals. It also exfoliates dead skin cells effectively to reveal a much youthful and supple skin.

Being the first to come out with a Beer Soap in the Philippines, Alvin’s latest innovation is getting much attention from local and foreign consumers alike. Hops, an ingredient found in beer, is known for its relaxing properties and its skin-softening amino acids. Hops contain poly-phenols thought to account for its anti-bacterial and preservative effects.

If you want to try H&W Organica soaps, you can order through his Facebook page here. Or you may get in touch with Alvin through the contact details below.

Each soap is sold at Php75.00

H&W Ventures
497 E. Quirino St., Pantukan, Compostela Valley Province 8809 Davao
Cel: 09177250756 or 09421259231
Email: hw_ventures@yahoo.com

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  1. it was my very first time to hear about beer soap! i told hubs about this and he said kung malagkit daw (dami namin tawa) i want to see this soap on market!

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