How to deep clean your brushes easily

Since I have been working a lot on my eye makeup lately, it’s a must that I’d have to clean my brushes diligently to avoid bacteria growth on my tools. It’s important to deep clean once a week to keep your brushes in tiptop shape.

So, I know I have posted a previous how to clean your brushes the Michelle Phan way… But here, I’m trying to do my own version, which I think is simpler, yet as effective. Here goes…

What you'll need (from top, left to right): 1) Brush Guards, 2) Plastic mesh pencil holder, 3) Joy Hand Care Dishwashing Liquid, and 4) your dirty brushes

First you’ll need some tools: Brush guards (which you can buy online); a plastic mesh pencil holder (I got this from Daiso); and Joy Hand Care Dishwashing Liquid (which you can get from any grocery).

To clean your dirty brushes, pour a little amount of Joy Hand Care Dishwashing Liquid onto your palm and swirl the dirty brushes on your palm. I prefer Joy Hand Care since this product already has vitamin E/moisturizers. Therefore, you wouldn’t need the olive oil mixture to soften your brushes. Also, this product also works even if diluted to 30%… which s very cost efficient. After soaping your brushes, rinse in running water until there is no soap residue.

Shape your brushes and put in brush guards before placing them in the plastic mesh pencil holder like below picture. I specifically used this mesh pencil holder since I noticed that when I put my wet brushes in a glass, they’d take a longer time to dry. So, with this mesh pencil holder–which I got from Daiso for only Php 85.00–the air gets through the brushes and dries them faster. Normally, I put this pen holder in front of the electric fan to air-dry it fast so I would be able to use my brushes the next day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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