How to Apply for First Time China Tourist Visa in the Philippines

I’ll be flying to China this month with my family to visit my sister who’s currently studying there. Before we get all too excited, let me guide you in successfully getting a Chinese Tourist Visa, especially for first-timers like me.

Chinese Visa Renewal is so much easier. You would just have to fill up the form with your recent photo, present your old China tourist visa and your original passport…et voila, it’s done!

For first-timers like me, here are the required documents:

  • China Visa Application Form with your latest passport sized photo in white background glued on the form
  • Original Passport valid for 6 months before expiration
  • Photocopy of passport’s information page (first page) and emergency contact information page (last page)
  • Reservation of round-trip airline ticket and hotel accommodation, or invitaion letters from China
  • Travel itinerary, if any
  • Bank certificate of deposit balance including the past 6 months history of your bank account and the receipt for payment of this certificate
  • BIR Stamped latest ITR form
  • If employee: Certificate of Employment detailing your salary and the length of your employment
  • If employer: Business registration certificate, professional ID, etc.
  • Additional: Bring your old passport, if any

Try to complete all the necessary documents to have a higher chance in visa approval. With regard to your bank statement, make sure you have at least Php50,000.00 in your savings account as show money. You would still have to provide your 6-month worth of transactions for the said bank account, though. Note that you also have to submit the official receipt for getting the bank certificate.

After securing all the documents, head on to the Chinese Embassy (2F The World Ctr, 330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati). Be there as early as you can since application closes by 11AM. I went there a little past 9AM. But some people go there as early as 8AM, depends if it’s peak season. As soon as you get there, waste no time in getting a number.

Proceed to the line as soon as your number is flashed on the window. I’ve read stories that some would wait hours to finish their application. Luckily for me, it was not peak season as I finished my visa application in 30 minutes. I guess being early is the key. And here’s a tip: if there’s a specific claiming date written on your pink slip, you’re most likely to get your visa granted. So, here’s mine:

Regular processing time is 4 working days. If you want it processed immediately, you can pay an additional Php1,700.00 for rush service (2WD processing) or pay an additional Php1,100 for express service (3WD processing). Here are the visa fees for Filipino passport holders, depending on number of entries:

  • Single-entry Visa: Php. 1,400
  • Double-entry Visa: Php. 2,100
  • Multi-entry with 6 months validity: Php. 2,800
  • Multi-entry with 12 months validity: Php. 4,200

You’ll pay for your visa fees when collecting passport. Make sure to be at the embassy early. As soon as you reach the embassy, again, waste no time in getting a number. Wait for your number to flash on the claiming section and fall in line to pay for your fees then transfer to the releasing window. It took me less than 10 minutes to claim my visa. Again, I was there a little past nine.

For updated information visit the Official Website of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Philippines.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience! Hope you can help me with the following. Please. ๐Ÿ™‚
    1) My ITR form has been submitted by my employer but it has not been stamped by BIR. Would it matter?
    2) In the form, there is a section which asks if you are sharing the same passport with another person. Does this mean sharing the same itinerary / traveling with another person? Did you indicate the names of your companion/s there? If yes, did you use the same size of picture as the one in the first page?

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Kar!
      ** My ITR form has been submitted by my employer but it has not been stamped by BIR. Would it matter?
      Yes, it’s okay if it’s not stampled by BIR. Mine was not either. Just submit photocopies. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      ** Does this mean sharing the same itinerary / traveling with another person?
      On 3.8 of the form, I just put N/A in all fields since I applied my visa separately from my mom and sisters though I travelled with them and shared the same itinerary. I think you will have to put the photos if you are applying for the visa together. And yes, it should be the same passport sized photo.

      Hope this helps! Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Helloโ€ฆ what if the person had no work but he was invited to go to China to attend a weddin of his best friend?? And the person doesnโ€™t have any BANK CERT to present if any only 3 months not 6 months? How could it be?? Is it possible for that person to be granted a VISA as a tourist in China at least a 4 days or a week?? Thanks Much and God blessโ€ฆ

  2. Hi, thank you very much for this very informative blog. This is the latest blog that I read regarding Chinese Visa application for first timers. I read on other blogs and forums dated 2012 and 2013 that a Bank Certificate and a Bank Statement showing an average daily balance of 100K is strictly required for Chinese Visa application. However, you mentioned that only at least 50K savings is already sufficient. I already booked a ticket to Shanghai this November and I will be flying with my boyfriend. We will be staying in Shanghai for 6 days. My boyfriend has a sister in China and she can be his guarantor. I am worried that I wont be able to have at least 100K when I apply for a visa and my boyfriend’s sister cannot invite (guarantee) me since we do not have legal relationship. Do you really think 50K in my saving account is enough to prove that I can finance my 6-days stay in China? Thank you very much!

    • Hi Chel! I think having Php50k show money is sufficient. To tell you frankly, the bank details I presented didn’t even have 50k ADB. My bank certificate showed only 47k++ outstanding balance upon issuance. But I attached my mom’s and sister’s approved visa application as my supporting document that my mom can back me up financially, if ever any emergency arises. Upon my understanding, the financial docs are needed as a supporting document that you can finance your own trip, and if in case any emergency arises.

      • Do you think my boyfriend’s sister already living in China can be my guarantor even though we don’t have legal relationship? By the way, what are the documents you actually submitted to the embassy? Thank you.

        • I’m not entirely sure about the guarantor. But it would have a stronger hold if the guarantor is your immediate family. I submitted the required documents (in bullet form) that’s posted on this blog. During the application, they asked for my old passport, which I didn’t bring at that time. So, to be sure, I noted on my blog to bring your old passport, if any. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thank you so much for your help! I hope my visa application will also be approved. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • hi this is my first time planning to get visa going china but u havent banck account because my chinese boyfriend will shoulder all my expenses is it possible that u get visa either i have no bank account

  3. Hello! I’m Carlo and am planning to backpack in Shanghai and surrounding areas for 2 weeks. I will be applying for a tourist visa in Shanghai and have already completed the necessary documents, except for the flight itinerary. I am not sure what to submit–does it have to be the confirmed (i.e., paid) ticket? I know airlines nowadays very seldom do reservations anymore, and what more if I fly low-cost (e.g., AirAsia). I am just worried that my payment will go to waste if I get denied. ๐Ÿ™

  4. Hi, I’m browsing the internet to learn some about chinese visa application and I’M would like to ask something about the 6mos. Transaction history of bank account.. is it accepted of I juSt photocopy my passbook 6 mos. History? I hope you can assist.. thanks!

    • Hello! I think you would have to request the certificate and transaction history from the bank. You would also have to submit to the Embassy the receipt of the requested bank documents.

    • Hi.. Is that okay to reapply again once they refused you? They have their records? I was refused kse and still want to try to apply again.. My flight will be on feb 06..

        • can help assisting me? i want to reapply.. i want to hope & try.because I already have my roudtrip tcket and i dont want it to put in a waste. 09053056610.. pls help me ๐Ÿ™

          • I’m sorry to hear that. As much as I want to I am not, in any way, connected to the embassy to help. In procedure, you would need 6 months waiting time before you can reapply.

  5. Thank you for this very informative blog, it was really a big help.. I just photocopied my passbook because my bank said so. And everything went well naman, I got my visa. Thank you again. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi, I will be applying this Monday na. ๐Ÿ™‚ Does the 4 working day starts from the day ung submitted the documents? Meaning.. if I apply on Monday, I could get the visa on September 4, Thursday? Thank u! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi Chel! If there’s nothing wrong with your submitted documents, that’s about right–4WD starting from date of submission. Unless they call you in for further clarification with regard to your info.

  6. Hi. I am planning to apply next week for my visa. But I am not so sure with the hotel reservation am going to submit. Planning to stay for 2 weeks. I booked at, there are some hotels that doesn’t require any credit card information, only have to pay upon check-in (in short, I didn’t pay for anything. Just made a reservation.) The reservation confirmation was sent in my email. Will that do? I mean will they accept the email printout? Am really just trying to avoid paying for something that I might not be able to use if I get denied. Thank you so much and more power to your very informative blog.

  7. Hi, I will go to China last week of this month and I am almost done with the requirements for visa application. I just need to get bank cert. Do you know the format of bank cert? Kc yung BPI, yung adb nila is ytd, pero may nabasa ako sa mga forum na dapat ung 6mos lang e very particular ang sila sa format ng bamk cert.. also, yung adb ko is only 92k lang but my current balance is more than 100k, would you know kung macoconsider pa din nila yung visa application ko?

  8. Hi thank you for your informative post i just wanted to asked what if my ADB is less than 10k but my current balance is 60k will that be ok?

      • Hi i applied for visa last week and i thought everything was okay since we already got our pink slip and the pick up date but the embassy denied our visa.. i read everything and submitted all the required docs so it was a suprised that we got denied.. i believe it was my bank cert maybr bec of the 100k but i heard once you got an invitation this was not needed..๐Ÿ˜ข may i ask if its ok to reply this week? Our flight is on christmas?

        • Oh my. Was there any indicated reason for the denial of visa? In my case I supplemented my application with my parent’s approved visa and our flights and hotel bookings together. If you cant meet the 100k bank account requirement, you would have to prove that someone can shoulder your travel expenses.

  9. Hi! i am planning to apply for tourist visa in china this coming January. The problem is that i don’t have a job and even ITR to submit. The only thing was that i’ve traveled for more than 14 countries already and i have 100k on my account. My boyfriend will be the one to shoulder all the expenses,hotels,tickets. Is there any possible to refuse my application? He already booked our hotels and tickets.

    • Hi Anne, I suggest you to bring your old passport or any document to show you have traveled in different countries, better if EU. Or other countries requiring visa.

    • Hello! Good morning I just asked here how to get Chinese visa I’m first time to get Chinese visa I’m marriage already to my husband from China he came the Philippines for our wedding now I try to get i have Bank book deposit is 45,200 if it is okay!
      Then what requirements for indicated

  10. 4 of us apply as first timer and everyone of us was denied so it was a complete shock, i thought the pink slip was just a pick up form and its a guarantee that you have sufficient docs and they did not give us a call if their is any missing docs or additional docs they just denied our visa

  11. Hi i just want to apply gor a tourist visa next week but i also dont have a job just only a bank statement that more than 200k my boyfriend already book the hotel reservation,ticket palang ang wla ako,do you think maapprove ang visa ko?how about a travel agency?

  12. Kung may bank statement ako 200k then cert of employment with ticket and hotel reservation but wlang ITR do you maapprove un?

  13. Hi… I have questions in my mind.. First is that okay to reapply once your visa was refused? Embassy will know you submitted your docs with them? Is that computer generated? I mean they will record once they refused you? Also I only have 100,000k in my bank but ADB is 38… I also put my boyfriend’s invitation letter also his passport & id. He is living in china but working here. Maybe the prob that my visa was refused is that because i didnt include my boyfriend’s ITR, cert of employment, also his bnk cert.. To support my financial .. Big question here is that… I can reapply? 3 days after they refuse is okay? Pls answer me.. Flight will be feb. 06.. And i do hope you can help me. Thanks

  14. CC
    I got my visa id been in china jan 11-15,i think after 5-6 months bago ulit makapag apply,dis you submit the ticket and hotel reservation?i submitted copy of passport,ticket and hotel reservation,bank cert,work cert but i didnt submit ITR,invitation letter from china,my bf passport copy and id…it went well nmn i applied january 6 and january 7 i got my visa

  15. Hi there! Thank you to the blogger for posting and replying and to the commenters who also updates their inquiries!

    Been reading a lot forums regarding visa application and is very surprised that even the ones who followed all that is required still gets denied! WAAAHHH!!! without even a call! WAAH! I just passed mine this morning along with my bf as tourists. We booked our ticket on a whim. I just browsed Cebu pac and got excited for the cheap fare to beijing (P7,800+ back and fort, not bad!).

    The only worry I have is that before we got lucky on that ticket we created another bank account(maxi save BPI) and transferred all our money a week before booking. So it looks like our bank account with sufficient funds naman was just opened for the sake of the trip! Huhuhu… Do you think they will approve our visa application??? I really wish they scrutinize the bank account where it’s written that the depositor is still me and my bf! Now, I’m really worried. We applied ordinary and is scheduled to get it on Feb 4, Wed. Heeellppp… Thanks! *praying*

  16. Hello Everyone! I just want to ask a lot of questions. hehehe. To be honest, I’m actually nervous to apply for my Chinese visa. This will be my first application for a visa ever. Last year, I visited 7 countries with no visa requirements. Right now, Iโ€™m so nervous since I already booked the ticket, etc., and I donโ€™t want it to go to waste. My trip is 5 weeks from now and my Australian best friend will be traveling with me. Lucky him since he doesn’t have to apply for any visa (to a lot of countries). My only worry is that, my account balance right now is only 90k, I’m not sure about the ADB for the past 6 months. Next pay out (Feb 13), I will receive a lot of money since I will get all the bonuses, sick leave conversion + my salary. So, I will have more than 100k by the time I will apply for a visa on the 3rd week of Feb. I also have another bank from my previous work 3 years ago, but the current balance is so low since I am using that account to book flights, buy online stuffs, etc.The thing is, the ADB of that account is higher, than its actual balance. The balance right now is only around 10k. I actually used that bank to book my flights, etc. Do you think I will have a chance to get approved? Looking forward to your response

      • Thank you so much! 1 more thing couchwasabi, Do you think its a good idea if I present both, then I will just inform the personnel at the embassy that the other one is my payroll bank, and the other one was used for my flight and hotel bookings? thank you so much! i’m not that nervous anymore. Wish me luck please! I need it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My best friend even asked me what he’ll do in case I get denied, I said he’ll go alone. LOL. I really really hope I will be approved. I would feel bad cos I was the one who invited him to go to China, and I’d feel down if in case I get denied. Correct me if I’m wrong, they will tell us the reason why they refuse the visa right? If in case they would need further information or requirements, I would still have another chance process it right? More power to you!

    • Much better to present both ๐Ÿ˜Š before nung nag apply ako i presented may savings acct and check acct,the next day i got my visa

  17. Thank you so much everyone! I will let you know how it goes. I’ve never been so nervous about something my entire life. haha! This visa application is killing me. lol

  18. Good news! APPROVED! ๐Ÿ˜€ My boyfriend picked up our visas this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    TO: Yves

    Pass both your accounts! I passed my other account w/ 6 digits that is newly opened while the other is like 20k only. I guess they are more concerned about the summarized amount of your account. I have a feeling you will have the same good news! GOOD LUCK! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. can someone help me with our case?

    we applied our visa through a travel agency, we are going to a family trip with 4 kids (ages 2,4,6,8) me and husband and 1 yaya.. the travel agency asked me to make the yaya a secretary of our business and so we did. submitted all required papers. but she was denied! i just found out that her surname sa affdavit of support was spelled incorrectly, im not sure if it was the reason. the travel agency said there was no notes why nadeny.
    our trip is on march 16.. we are planning to go to the chinese embassy this friday personally with the yaya and re-apply again,hoping with a little explanation they can approve. haay any opinions?

    • Hi,
      We are also planning a trip to Shanghai this October with a yaya. She has travelled with us to HK, Singapore and most recently to Japan which granted her a single entry visa after providing all the necessary docs. Were you successful in her reapplication for a Chinese visa?

  20. Hey everyone! good news! I just got my visa yesterday. no questions asked. I just submitted one bank, with 6 digits current balance. ADB was just 50k. There’s only 1 thing I noticed that the visa officer checked… my bank statement. She was looking at it for at least 5-10 seconds. The rest, she just glanced at it. After 2 minutes of checking the requirements I passed, she handed me the pink slip! yes! Hope this helps for those who wanted to apply. Thanks to couch wasabi ofcourse, Bavariane, Laine and others.

  21. Hi tanong ko.lang sana.. kasi may money ako sa bank pero wlang 100k. Working ako dito s pinas. Balak ko pumunta aa beijing kasi dun ng wowork bf ko. Aiya mag ssponsor sakin. Ano po kaya dpt ko gawin? Pi oprblma ko kasi ung 100k aa bank. ๐Ÿ™ pls help

    • Hello when I got my visa, my bank didn’t have 100k either. But, as a supplement, I included my COE and my mom’s approved visa to show that in case of emergency I am with my family and they can back me up.

  22. Hi there what if I am a student and do not earn any income nor have a bank account. Do i still need to show a BIR Stamped ITR Form? And for the bank certificate, can I use my parents bank account as proof? I will be studying in Shanghai this summer (i have an acceptance letter and proof of invitation) and my parents are funding it.

  23. hi, may I ask some questions about CHinese visa..1.What if the balance in the bank account is too small it doesn’t reach even 20k? ITR 3. can the person just submit a letter that somebody/a friend will finance his trip to china? thank you for your reply

  24. Hi! Pupunta kami ng family ko sa China sa July. Problem ng mommy ko is housewife siya. No ITR pero may savings siya. May EU visa din siya. Ano pa kaya ang supporting docs na kilangan namin ipresent? Same with my sister wala din siyang work. Housewife lang din siya. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance!

  25. hello po! 1st timers din po kami sa pag-apply ng chinese visa. wala ako ITR kasi medical intern lang ako. Yung travel namin is sponsored lang ng mom ko. pwede ba namin isubmit yung bank cert nya tapos ung sa business cert nya as proof na we can afford the travel?
    kasama namin sya magtravel, tapos kasama din yung husband ko. sponsored din nya. ayoko ma-deny… bayad na kasi. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Hello the best thing is to borrow funds as show money in your own account and make sure the amount is reflected in your bank cert. You may attach all other proof of being sponsored by your spouse or parents as supplement.

  26. Hi,

    Do you think the Certificate of Compensation/Tax Withheld (BIR Form No. 2316) will be sufficient if I am without a BIR-stamped ITR? This is the form provided by my employer and I was advised by BIR that the form they stamp is the one provided to them by my employer. I saw somewhere online that form 2316 serves the same purpose as the BIR-stamped ITR. I just asked to be sure since I am planning to pass all applicable documents ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I just got home from cebu where i applied for tourist visa. I just got denied because i only got 50kplus in my bank account. The embassy said i need 200k to 250k.. I was totally shocked..

  28. Hi, what if the past 6 months of my bank account ranges from 5k -10k only. tapos biglang may 150k sa bank cert. ok lang ba yon? Is it ok if my father will sponsor my travel even if he will not go with me (ipapalabas lang na sya ang mg sponsor para malaki ang pera makikita sa bank)thank you

  29. hi, i applied last thursday and will claim my passport tomorrow. Is there a chance 4 me to be approved if i only submitted coe and itr only? i do have bank certs but i did not pass it cause my bank statement is good only for 3 months and it will take weeks to get the 6 month one. thanks in advance for ur feedback.

  30. Thank you for posting this blog, it is very informative especially for first time applicants like me, I submitted my requirements thru a travel agency and now awaiting approval. They currently have a week long holiday, so I will have to wait for two weeks for the approval. I am currently employed and have submitted ITR, COE and Bank Statement, I only have 70k on my account. I will update you (crossfingers) on the result. Thank you.

  31. My flight to Shenzhen is on October 13, 2015. I am going to apply on October 7, given that they are on a holiday until Tuesday. I’ve already secured a visa with them before which much more lead time of course. I heard there is a rush processing (2 working days, how reliable is that?) This is an urgent business trip that’s why I am only applying now. Any thoughts?

      • Hi couch wasabi. I just submitted all my requirements. COE, Bank statement for 6 months with 800k, BIR stamped orig., old passport travel itinerary,visa form and round trip ticket and hotel reservation good for 30 days.. My fiance who is an american with his temporary work in China is the one who paid for my ticket and hotel reservation. Do you think it is enough for me to get my visa approved? I got my pink slip just need to pick it up on Thursday. Please advise. Thank you

  32. Just passed my application today at the Chinese Embassy. They were quite fast in processing the applications as long as you get there early. I got a date on the pink claiming slip. Is that a good sign Ill get renewed for the chinese visa?

    Tip for those who will apply: they will only look for the originals if you are on renewal. I showed them the originals and they told me to keep it as long as I have photocopies of it inside my application.

  33. Hi! I hope you can help me with my queries. I’m planning to visit China next month but I’m unemployed right now. My Chinese boyfriend will be my sponsor and will shoulder everything . He’s willing to provide documents needed like: invitation letter, ID, bank account etc. I’ll be staying at his place. My bank account bal is less than 20k. Do I have a high chance of approval? Anyway, I am currently processing my EU resident visa. Will that help?

      • Hello Yasimk I need your help. My boyfriend will also be the one who’ll gonna spend for my trip. What documents I should have from him?

      • HI Cathy, I was able to apply for a visa but then I applied using my documents. But if you are can’t really provide those documents, I think the documents you will need from your boyfriend are letter of invitation (no specific format, I guess), his identification card, hukou, bank certificate. But to be sure, it is best if you call the embassy.

  34. Just an update, I applied last September 30, got approved yesterday. I only had P70k ADB in my bank account but I supplied COE, company IDs, ITR, my travel agency was also helpful. Thank you for this very informative blog. Cheers!

  35. im flying to singapore next week nov 13, my boyfriend is going to china on 16th gusto nya akong isama sa business trip nya, if magaapply ako sa monday ng visa ok lang po kaya na ipasa ko is financial documents nya? since sya nmn magsponsor ng trip ko? like hotel and plane ticket? may business ako pero nagstart lang yung dec 2014 so wala pa akong itr.. may posibility kaya na mapprove ako?

    • Hi. Sa mga naapprove ang visa at nakaalis na ano po prinesent niyo s immig offocer? Passport lang po ba and ticket? And ano po mostly ang tinatanong nila? Hnd niyo n po ba pinakita ang hotel booking etc nyo? Thanks a lot

  36. hi
    i have a question,we applied for a visa last 2013 thru agency and it was approved but we were not able to used it and we missed our flight. (our visa was released on the same date our flight was). if we will apply again this year,will it be renewal or new application?do we need to submit again all the docs? pls advise. thank you

  37. hi nagplan kami na magtravel ng anak at asawa ko(hindi kami kasal), just want to ask. Magaapply kasi kami ng chinese visa by november katapusan. Bago palang ako magreresign sa company and my husband resigned already. December po ung target date namin for travel. So wala na ako sa company nun. Do you think na it would be okay na magpresent pa din ako ng COE and ITR kahit na unemployed na ako that time? and sa case naman ng asawa ko, hindi kasi kami kasal..would that be okay na magpresent ako ng AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT since sya naman nakalagay na tatay ng anak ko sa NSO Birthcertificate? Sana makahingi ako ng payo sainyo guys. Thanks!

    • Hello, why not apply for the visa while you are still employed? Kase for sure tatawagan nila employer mo. But make sure yung validity ng visa, which is 3 mos after approval is still ok based on your travel dates.

      • Sige po will do. Thanks! Ilang mos. po ba yung binigay sainyo na visa? And dun po sa case namin ng live in partner ko, okay lang ba na magaffidavit of support sya sakin? Since sya naman nakalagay tatay ng anak ko sa birth cert? Thank you for replying po! God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi pwede po magpatulong? Ano po hiningi sainyo ng immigration officer nun iniinterview kayo? Flight ko na po sa monday. Kinakabahan po ako kasi may mga naooffload daw po. Eh im going to visit my bf po dun for two weeks. Ung iba daw po kasi nanghhinginng invitation letter. Thank you.

          • I submitted all the necessary documents I enumerated in this post. Plus attached my parent’s approved VISA and tickets showing we were traveling together. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Hi! My friend went to the embassy this morning to pass both of our reqts. D aq nakasama bcos of work. Ung pinapapasa kng reqts ay bank cert with usd5k s dollar acct k and 64k s peso, itr, coe and 6 months statement. The officer refused to collect my reqts and told my friend i need at least php100k s acct k. She did not even bother to read na dollar acct ung 5k. So technically, more than php100k ung acct k if converted. Hnd ba valid ung dollar acct? Kailangan b talaga peso acct lng? Dec 1 na ang flight nmin at wla p dn aqng visa. Huhu..

    • Hello. I also have a dollar account but I didnt bother to present it. I know the logic behind presenting both dollar and peso. But sometimes the officer’s stiff so I’d suggest borrow money and put in your peso account as show money.

  39. Ska pla if i applied for the rush processing (2wd), ksama ung day n nag-apply aq s bilangan? Does it mean na kinabukasan makukuha k n agad? ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Hello i’m planning to apply visa next week. What I have right now is COEand Bank certificate na merong 180k plus. W/ itinerary and roundtrip ticket. Ang iniisip ko lang eh yung ITR? Okay lang ba kahit wala na nun? Kasi last july lang ako naemployed and 1st job ko. I asked my company, next year pa daw release ng ITR. Okay lang kaya yun? Thanks!

    • Hello, are you going alone? If you’re going with your parents, you can submit their ITRs instead. If none, maybe you can explain to the officer your case. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kasama ko yung asawa ko and anak ko. Yung asawa ko eh housewife so ako lang talaga makakapagprovide ng requirements. Nakakatakot kasi baka ideny nila kami. Yun nalang naman kasi talaga kulang ko. ๐Ÿ™

  41. Hi, i am going to apply for a tourist visa together with my Mom. But i have an e6 visa in my passport and my mom is the one who provide all the documents such as Business permit, bank certificate and bank statement, Title of our house, sine we are going there together. Is it okay? I mean, is the requirements enough? Do you think my e6 visa before cannot affect our application? And what if they didnt grant us a visa? Do we have to pay at the embassy for the processing fee? Thank you xx

    • Hello, may I know what’s an E-6 visa? Anyways, yes your mom’s financial documents are okay to be submitted just as long as you attach your ticket and your mom’s.

  42. Hi! Kakagaling lang po sa embassy awhile ago. May binigay na pink slip indicating the date ng pickup. Nakalagay sya sa “REGULAR” row. Is this a good sign of getting visa? Thanks!

  43. Hi…im inviting my parents and my 2 yrs old baby to visit me here in China..i have my 3 free roundtrips given by the worrying now because 1 passport will be issued before chinese new it possible if they will process the papers on 2/22 and and the flight i on 3/3?hope to hear something from you..thank you

  44. Hi first timer din ako, so i just read more comment and replying ! To know how to get chinese visa, anyway i want to go in china, i have a boyfriend there,his chinese also and live there,hmmk i can affort everything about the expenses also, but im worried if i cant get the tourist visa to go there,but i dont hve relatives there, but my bf willing to give invitation to come there in china,and also my bf can help me also to expenses,

    • Hi Carmela, first advice, make sure to complete all the documents required for submission. Regardless of having a relative there or not, as long has you have the complete documents, you have a higher chance of getting the visa versus providing shady and incomplete papers. Goodluck!

  45. Hi, first timer po ako. i’m planning to visit china with my friends. pero i’m worried kasi kakagawa lang ng bank account ko last december 2015. i already deposited about Php100+k as of now. the money was from my savings, tapos yung iba ay donation ng sister ko (haha). if the embassy requires to show the bank account history for the past 6 months, pano kaya yun, halos 2 months palang ang bank account ko? are there any chances na ma-disapprove ang application ko? thanks.

    • Hello Jolo, I think as long as you have 100k put in there and maintain until the time you have applied your visa, it should be fine. But yes, for higher chances of being approved, it should be a bank account that’s been existing for more than 6 mos.

  46. Hi Couch Wasabi, my bank mistakenly printed year to date balance, hence more than six months, and bpi issues only adb of year to date. Do you think that would do?

  47. Hi, would you know how soon the bank certificates should be? Let’s say, my bank cert is january 26 and application was lodge feb 1. Will that matter?

  48. Hello Everyone! First time akong mag apply ng visa next next week dahil ang Flight ko sa Beijing ay Feb. 26 to Feb. 28, 2016. Tanong ko lang, walang 50k ang laman ng BDO account ko ma-approve kaya ako? Pero I’m earning 15k a month as a government official and may small business na may DTI registration lang without any business permit dahil kasisimula ko pa lang. Ano pa kaya pwede ko ipakita sa embassy? Pwede bang bank certificate ng mother ko? Pero hindi ko siya kasama sa trip. Thank you guys!

      • Ma’am kahit po ba worth 50k+ lang laman ng bank account ko ok lang? Thank you ulit Ma’am. Sorry sa kakulitan naming mga nagtatanong. ๐Ÿ˜Š

      • Ma’am salamat po. Tanong ko lang yung sa money sa bank kasi nasa 50k+ lang yung savings ko. Ok lang kaya yun basta ipresent ko lang yung COE/Certification from DILG na nag cecertify na ang term ko as Elected Barangay Councilor ay from December 1, 2013 to November 30, 2016 isama ko na din po sana yung certificate from the Barangay Captain na nagcecertify na Barangay Councilor ako with the specific salary grade? Thanks Ma’am.

  49. Hi! I’m planning to apply for a visa going to China. My friend in China will be the one sponsoring my trip and accommodation. Providing her bank certificate, sponsorship and invitation letter, copy of sponsorโ€™s valid residence visa and passport be sufficient for the application?


  50. Hi! I’m planning on applying for a Visa going to China. My friend is going to sponsor my trip and accommodation during my 4 days stay there. Do you think providing a copy of her bank certificate, sponsorship and invitation letter, copy valid residence visa and passport information page or Chinese national ID together with the required documents be sufficient for my application?


    • Regular processing time is 4 working days. If you want it processed immediately, you can pay an additional Php1,700.00 for rush service (2WD processing) or pay an additional Php1,100 for express service (3WD processing).

  51. I applied chinese tourist visa twice already for 2 months(january-denied, february-denied also)

    got 70k on my bank cert but no bank history for 6 month cuz i just opened it last december 20, 2015. would it matter? are they strict inspecting your requirements just like your 2316’s details, i still dont know why i was being refused! the only i am thinking wrong is that my 6 months history of my bank. cuz it shows there only 1 and a half month.

  52. i just applied for tourist visa through travel agency, and got all requirements complete.
    except that 6 months bank history i could not deliver since it show only 2 months becuz it is a newly opened account.

    i dont know why i have been denied. I have colleagues whom i should travel with, 11 of us with the same purpose, same requirements (except what i mentioned) , same destination, same application form submmited. i need their reason so it cant be a logic for me, i am the only one denied among all of us 11 persons applied together through travel agency.

  53. Hi, magaaply po ako bukas feb 26 ng china visa thru travel agent. pag business person po ba with 100k lang po declared sa bank certifiocate maaaprove po kaya. 4 po kasi kami. 3 are business person while yung 1 employee po with complete requirements. maaapprove po kaya kami ng visa? flight na po namin sa march 8 papuntang beijing

  54. Hi ms. wasabi. im planning to apply for a visa po. but the thing is student pa po ako. so, no itr. just bank account. will it be okay kung yung bank account lang ang ipepresent ko? its above 50k naman. and the trip would be 4days 3nights lang… okay na po roundtrip tiks. hotel reservation is accomplished na din po… thank you po.

  55. Hi! I will visit my family this Apri with my younger brother(my younger brother is second time visa applicant. He went to Shanghai last year already). My 2 sisters and my mom are currently in Shanghai. My sister will sponsor our trip so I have her documents such as her passport, work visa, invitation letter, temporary residence permit and bank statement. Me, I just came back from abroad (Thailand). I worked there for a year and I finished my contract. Now, I am unemployed and I just opened my bank account here in Ph (though I have my savings in there). Do you think that her papers and our return flight ticket is enough to get our visa approved? or should I ask for my previous employer to give me a letter of Certificate of employment just to show to the embassy?

    And my other question, do you have any idea how can I reserve a confirmed flight ? So my money wi not go to waste if ever I get deinied. Thank you in advance. God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, if you have 150k sitting in your bank account, I think that should be fine. If your former employer can provide a certificate, make sure they will reaffirm your employment once the embassy calls your former office. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Hi – I was ask to secure a visa for China for training sa new company ko. E kaso wala akong bank statement. I only have ITR and that my company will shoulder all my expenses. Madalian kasi yung training, pero mag via hongkong po ako.

    Please help po

    • Hi. Good morning. I am with Talent Acquisition, and we have a job applicant here named Mary Joy Talaugon… I heard from your company HR that you may be the immediate superior for this applicant, and I am doing a background check on her work attitude and performance. I do not have any other contacts to reach you, that is why I am doing this. Thank you.

      • Hahaha, Sorry, but I do not tolerate misrepresentation. I do not know any Mary Joy Talaugon personally. Never heard of that name and I am not employed by any company to have a company HR.

  57. Hello, i will be traveling to China with my boyfriend (he’s my sponsor for this trip as well) on the 26th of this month. I applied a visa at the embassy this morning and will get it on the 20th next week. The lady at the counter who was checking my requirements/documents asked for photos of me with my boyfriend. Good thing i brought some printed photos of me and him. She took it. So those who are applying a visa and will be traveling with their boyfriends or girlfriends, make sure to prepare photos just in case ๐Ÿ™‚ (i am not sure if it’s really important but it will help) Hope i can claim my passport with a Chinese visa when i go there next week!

  58. I applied today and got a pickup form with a specific claiming date. I am a first timer but the lady at the counter who checked my documents/requirements did not write any on the remark. hmmm? is it something i should worry about?

  59. Hi,couchwasabi..magaapply po ako ng visa this 1st week of may.inivite po ako ng tita ko.and she will be the one who finance my expenses.i dont have an account,account po ng tita ko yung gagamitin ko for show money.ok naman po yun db..i have already my documents.ask ko lang po kung after ng interview eh malalaman po agad kung granted po yung visa ko or denied?if ever madenied po,kelan po ulit pwede mag apply ulit ng visa?saka ano-ano po ba yungga question nila sa interview…thanks po.sana may magreply.first timer po kasi ako…thanks po again sa magrereply

    • Hi me too. I am with my chinese bf and they asked copy of pic. I submitted all the req.but no ticket only itirerary.but i have an invitation letter.its that big chance for me?

  60. Hi,couchwasabi..ask ko lang po sana kasi account lang po ng tita ko yung ipipresent 1st week of may po ako magaapply ng visa.first timer po..i have all documents needed.ask ko lang po after ng interview malalaman ko na po ba kung granted or denied po yung application.and if ever po madenied,kelan po ulit pwede magapply.?saka ano-ano po yung mga question nila sa interview..thanks po sa magrereply,it would be very very helpful to me…asking for some tips lang po…thanks po again sa magrereply..

  61. Greetings! Thank you so much for this informative blog. However, I have a few questions lang po sana..

    – i have a part time work so wala kameng employee-employer relationship kaya di ako makakapagprovide ng ITR at COE pero meron naman akong bank account na nagpapakita na pwedeng ifinance ung trip..roughly $4000

    – meron akong money sa cooperative, pwede ba un isubmit to prove na we can finance the trip o kelangan talaga money lang sa bank?

    – ung mom ko na kasama ko sa trip may 2 stalls sya sa market and we can provide business certificate hindi ba iisipin nung embassy na unstable ang work namin since pwesto lang sya sa market? pero may 3 bank accounts sya with more than 100k.

    -my uncle lives in China so magpprovide sya ng invitation letter and kelangan pa ba ipakita ang bank account niya?

    Hoping for a response..thank you in advance

    • Hi, you may provide as much financial docs as possible to increase your chances of being approved. (1) Attach your financial docs; (2) if your mom is going with you, attach her business docs and one bank statement showing her 100k balance. I don’t remember needing an invitation letter for China. Alam ko for Korea yung may kelangan na invitation letter. Good luck!

  62. Hi me too. I am with my chinese bf and they asked copy of pic. I submitted all the req.but no ticket only itirerary.but i have an invitation letter.its that big chance for me?

    i got my visa ๐Ÿ™‚ ask ko lang ano mga needed ko for immigration thanks COUCHWASABI ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Hi po couchwasabi,pahingi naman po ng tips kung ano po yung mga tinatanong kapag tourist visa ang kukunin?mahigpit po ba ngayon kumuha ng visa?sponsor po ako ng tita ko.
    Sana po pareply…maraming maraming salamat po

    • Dear, in any visa application, you just have to answer the questions truthfully. Wala namang mahirap or madali and it will most likely be different per person.

  64. Hi Couchwasabi, sorry adding in the sea of questions that you have been answering generously. Not sure if this has been asked (and answered) above, seems not yet. I have all my COE, ITR, etc ready. However, If I have 130k money in my bank account in the past 2 months only – is the chance of getting approved high? My bank account was opened 3 years ago, but I have really low maintaining ADB in the past months due to consecutive travels, etc. Just worried about the bank statement rules. And if it would be of any help – I’ve had Korean and Australian visas before.

    Thank you in advance! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Hi, I’m an American citizen currently living in the Philippines on a 13A immigrant Visa. Can I apply for a Chinese tourist visa in Manila?

  66. Hi coushwasabi. We will go to shanghai this coming october. We have our tickets na. Kasama ko father ng 3 kids ko, di kame kasal. Housewife ako and online business lang. I can provide bank statement since may income nmn ako thru online selling. Father ng kids ko have a business, can provide everything like itr , bir business docs. Worry ko is ung sa application ko and dun sa yaya na kasma namen, we dont have itr, coe . C yaya wala bank account. How can we all be approved? 3 kids , me , yaya and hubby? Thanks..

  67. Hi couchwasabi! I just applied for a tourist visa recently. I got an invitation letter from the organization in which I am going to go to. The invitation letter said that I should apply for a tourist visa so I did. I prepared all the requirements: visa application form, flight tickets, invitation letter, sponsorship letter, birth certificate and sponsor’s bank certificate (I am going to be sponsored by my parents since i’m still a student). I forgot to give the receipt of the bank certificate and is it okay if the bank account is in dollars? I ticked the L tourist visa in my visa application form. During my application, the visa officer did not talk to me and just skimmed through my requirements but she read the invitation letter for a short time. After a few minutes, she gave me the pick up form indicating the date to be picked up on Regular. I was so nervous that I did not even bother to read the pick up slip. I just found out that instead of putting L on the Category, she had put F instead. I was alarmed that my visa might get denied because of this since I checked L in the application form . Should I be worried?๐Ÿ˜ข

  68. Hi couchwasabi! I just applied for a tourist visa recently. I was given an invitation letter by the organization and it was stated in the invitation letter that I should apply for a tourist visa. I prepared all the required documents and I will be sponsored by my parents since i’m still a student. I forgot to give the receipt of the bank certificate and submitted my parents’ dollar account. I also ticked the L box in the visa application form. During the application, the visa officer did not talk to me and only skimmed the requirements that I submitted and read the invitation letter. Everything happened so fast (not even 5 minutes!) and I was so nervous that I did not even bother to read the pick up slip. She wrote the pick up date on the Regular row but I just noticed that instead of writing L on the category, she wrote F-14 instead. I was alarmed that this might cause my visa to be denied. Should I be worried? I mean I submitted the required documents such as visa application form, invitation letter, flight ticket, sponsorship letter, birth certificate, sponsor’s bank certificate (although I forgot to submit the receipt) ๐Ÿ™

  69. Hi couchwasabi!
    Thanks for this informative blog.
    I will be appying for my visa tomorrow. I only have ITR. No COE and bank cert. because it will take a week to get those. My scheduled flight is on July 16. This visa application is so rush. Im nervous. Do you think i have a chance to get approved?

    • Hi Hannah, please complete the needed requirements to get higher chances of getting an approved visa. COE normally takes 2 days if you to your HR it’s rush. Bank certs are ready in 3 to 5 WDs. But pls let me know how it goes for you.

  70. hi couchwasabi!
    i just want to ask about the requirements needed to present when i go to the embassy since i already had a “Z Visa” before now i want to come back with an “L Visa”. Any idea? back to square one?

    • Hi! I’m not sure of the meaning of Z and L but what I know is that if you have been approved of a Chinese Visa before, you can present the old approved visa and the needed documents are fewer than your first time application. Hope this helps!

  71. Hi.. I’m planning to go on a trip, this will be my very first time, my boyfriend will pay for everything, I’d like to know if my banking statement is really necessary? Or what if I don’t have a bank account, ? What should I do?

  72. Hello, i just want to ask i was travelled before in china because my bf invited me and i have chinese visa before, and now i want to get a chinese again, i have all the requirements except the roundtrip ticket and my balance only in bank is 32k, my bf was a german but he was living in china for work…. I am going tomorrow yo pass the requirements, do you think i have a chance to be granted for my second visa? Please answer immediately… Thank you for advanced

  73. Hi , I applied for a chinese L type visa today. It took me an hour to finish.
    The Visa officer gave me a Claim slip indicating I should go back on Tuesday( So that is 4 working days from today ) .. Does it mean, it got a high chance of being approved or depends pa din kung iaaprove nila or hndi.?? hope to hear from you soon

  74. Hello po.
    I am planning to get tourist visa single entry this September. I will be visiting my boyfriend who works there and we planned to tour in Oct 1-7 since it is their Holiday.

    I only have 50k, but I am earning 40k in a month. I can pass an ITR too, COE and bank statement.

    My boyfriend will sponsor me in the trip. Do you think I have chance to get the approval?

    Also, can I apply again in December for Chinese visa? Since I intend to visit him again. But this time, multiple visa. Do you think I would have a chance?

    Please advise. Thank you.


    • We have same situation and I got my VIsa last month. I submitted all possible documents they can ask for.

      Chinese Visa Application Form
      Original Passport
      Photocopy of Passport ( Back and Front)
      Travel Itinerary
      – Incoming and Outgoing Flight Details
      – Official Receipt as confirmation of the Itinerary from the Airline Company
      Invitation Letter
      Other Documents
      – Bank Certificate with OR
      – Certificate of Employment ( signed by Employer)
      – BIR 2316
      – Company Identification Card
      – Invitee’s Residence Permit Copy
      – Invitee’s Work Permit Copy
      – Invitee’s Certificate of Employment ( Signed and Stamped by Employer )
      – Invitee’s Passport Copy
      – Pictures at least 3 pieces

  75. Hi,

    I passed my requirements this morning. My worry is I submitted my bank certificate with a current balance of 94,000 and with 3 months transaction history from BPI. I passed my COE, my BIR-stamped Form and all necessary requirements. The only thing that makes me worry is that of my bank statement.

    I received the pink form (pick-up form) but the date was stated at last row which says “to be inquired on”.

    May I ask if I have a chance to be approved or denied since the date is not stated at the regular pick-up row?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

  76. Thank you. Praying for a good result. I just travelled to Thailand last week so I hope this will help that I can finance my trip to Beijing.

  77. Hi. I just want to ask kasi minimum wage earner lang ako e ang ipon ko is more than 20k pa lang. Ang gagastos is yung bf ko na nagwowork sa china ngayon. Ang plano magoopen ako ng account ngayon then lalagyan nya ng 100k. Ok lang kaya yung ganun? Sayang kasi kung madeny. Nakapagpabook na ako sa holy week. Thank you sa sasagot

  78. Last question. Sorry. Makulit lang. Hehe. Sya kasi magssponsor. So mas ok ba na pareho kaming may show money? Or kahit sya lang ok na? Super thanks.

  79. Hello po, may mga alam ba kayong travel agency na trusted at nag aayos ng Chinese student visa application sa Chinese Embassy? mag aapply kasi ako this month. First time kong mag aapply so I’m a bit worries na baka madecline kasi wala pa akong travel history overseas. Yung sa ITR ko, last year pa ako huling naghulog kasi naging freelancer ako last November of 2015. Salamat po

  80. Hi po ask lang po. This coming oct 8 magkikita kame ng fiance ko sa china until oct 19 we already have a round trip reservation ticket and hotel reservation but he is American, hes going there for a work in 10 days but i will go there for tour. He will be my sponsor to my travel how much money do i need to my account? And do i need his income info also?

  81. I was not given a visa due to lack of documents. Can i re-apply immediately. I was denied at the China consulate in laoag City, but this time i want to re-apply in Manila…will there be a difference? Will i have better chances to get a visa in the Chinese Consulate in Manila, rather than in Laoag.
    I am still trying to come up with the 100k bank requirement. If i borrow 100k today, then get a bank statement showing it has that amount of money will that suffice, even if the amount was suddenly when on previous months i had only the account maintaining balance?

  82. Hi,

    balak kong magaaply ulit for another Chinese Visa.. 2nd time ko na pupunta dun..ano ano mga requirements? Hope someone can help me

  83. hi do i have a chance to get a chinese visa? i have an UNUSED 5 yr multiple entry visa to korea, I’ve traveled to 4 countries (w/ o visa) , i have 7xx,xxx on my bank account with 2xx,xxx adb, i have COE but i dont have an ITR since i only started working in the company last february. Do i need to submit additional requirements like bank statement,and credit card statement?do i need to submit a letter of explanation for lacking itr? where can i reserve flight tickets without paying for them first since I’m still unsure if my visa will be granted?

  84. Hi mam.
    I have a friend from mainland, china. Gusto po nya ako punta sa kanila. i am just an employee with a very low income. pwede po ba na ung bank account statement nya ang i attach ko since xa naman po bahala sa lahat ng gastos? and ano po ang mga other supporting documents na pwede ko po i present.
    salamat mam sa reply. God bless po.

  85. Hi! I wanna know how you able to answer completely the visa application form in pdf format? Hindi kasi ko kasi ma-edit yung font size so di nabubuo yung answer ko pag nagpprint. Like sa address, i have a long address and my father’s name is long din, how can i fit the answer to the box given. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  86. Hi Couchwasabi,
    I just want to inquire, I have a fiance from US, and he will be travelling to China in Feb 2017. We plan to meet there. I have work here but my regularization will be in Feb 11, 2017, I believe I can get my Certificate of Employment, for BIR it is possible if the employer will give us our BIR 2316 form by January. For bank account,I have dollar account with about $1500. My fiance will shoulder all the expenses (air ticket, hotel reservations etc), my concern is, do I really need to present to them a roundtrip ticket, what will happen if I get denied? I do not want my fiance to waste money. Do you know any supporting documents that I need to attached in my application, documents which my fiance needs to provide for me?
    Please help. Any idea will be highly appreciated.


    • Hi, I think I’ve listed on my blog the documents needed. You may check the embassy’s website for the latest required documents to be presented. Visa application approval depends normally on your financial capacity to support the travel. Since you have savings and your fiance is shouldering the finances, you can attach a letter signifying that and include his financial documents as support.

  87. Hi. I am planning to apply for china tourist visa. I am unemployed right now so i can’t provide my itr or coe. Is it ok if i only present my bank has 100k and an adb of 94k for the last six months. My chinese friend will travel with me. Thank you so much.

  88. My friend is a chinese and it’s he invite me go there. Do you think its better i attach his itr or coe? He is currently working here po. Thank you for very fast reply.

  89. Im sorry kung makulit.. Because i really feel nervous. Its my first time apply for a visa. Couchwasabi, do you think its better if i attach my friends itr or coe? He is currently working here and its he invite me go china. We also travel together. Thank you couch

  90. Is it better if i attach my friends itr and coe and just provide a letter that now i am unemployed.because its he invite me go china.please reply couchwasabi.

  91. Hello just want to ask 2nd timer na kasi ako sa pagaapply ng visa. and naapproved naman ako before, is there any chance na madecline pa yung susunod na pagaapply ko? Will submit Bank cert and statement po kasi im currently unemployed and i’m travelling with my son

  92. Hi couchwasabi, I already submitted all requirements coe, itr,old passport,bank certificate dated jan. 11 pa pero I applied Feb.10. Okay lang ba Yun?

  93. hello po. magaapply po sana ako ng tourist visa. complete ko naman po yung documents except po sa bank account at bank statement, pero po may magssponsor naman po sa akin. pero po hindi ko po sya kamag-anak. posible po ba maaapproved visa ko?

  94. Hi, me and 20 members of my family are planning to go to shanghai this march to attend my cousin’s wedding, may ticket na kami for 21-27march. Is it possible to apply a visa as a group? And need ba personal appearance nming lahat kc may work ung iba, pwde bang may representative lng? And what if I dont have a work, no ITR etc can I just say na my dad will sponsor my trip even if he is not coming to china? Thanks.

    • 1) AFAIK pwede sabay and as a group. 2) No need personal appearance. 3)You can write your dad will sponsor and attach his financial records for the whole group.

      • Hi. Thanks to your blog. it was a great help. All 20 of us were granted 30day visas to shanghai. We just got back. Based on my experience hindi masyado binusisi ung mga documents na sinubmit ko, he just looked for the invitation/guarantee letter and return ticket. Tpos birth certificate namin to show proof na related kami sa inviter. Ung sa aming 5 lang ang tinignan then nakita nia ung return ticket with all our names tpos kinuha na nia ung 15 passports without looking at their application form or documents. Then gave me 2 pink forms, one for the philippine pasports and one separate pink form for my lolaโ€™s US passport. The only stress we expirienced was in filling out the application form. Medyo nakakalito ung mga questions. And when you type it has no option to save the document,print only. Kaya i suggest you type sa computer na may printer.

  95. Hi,

    I previously visited china for 2 weeks and was succesfully granted L type visa.

    I was denied on my next visit this April 2017.
    I applied for 30 day L type my fiancee as my sponsor.

    I went to the embassy Friday last week and I submitted requirements for 2nd entry to China applicant. The evaluator gave me the pink slip.
    Went home thinking I will just be waiting for the relaeasing date.

    I recived a call on Friday afternoon fromChinese embassy telling me that I have submitted a January 8th 2017 to Beijing. I mistakenly submitted a ticket that I had to rebook due to schedule conflict with my work. She also said the the Embassy is requiring me to submit a Bank Cert.

    Come Monday, I immediatly submitted the ticket I rebooked , my bank cert with 50k and my fiancee’s bank certificate. I was given a new Pink Slip.

    I went today to Chinese Embassy for releasing.
    Waitef for my turn at the releasing, the staff scanned the slip and I was told to procede to window 4 as it shows its got problem. It took a while for window 4 to get back to me but eventually say my visa was denied.

    I went home very disappointed as I have planned and booked mg trip.

    However, I have a few questions in mind

    1. The evaluator at window 4 took almost 30 minutes inside the office to get my passport, she has been asking almost all personel in the embassy before getting back to me.

    2. I was never asked to pay 1400 for the visa. I believe that you wouldnt know the visa application is denied after paying 1400. Is that correct.

    Could it be that the Visa denial is just verbal and does not make any record?

    If i go there on Monday and reapply, will they accept it?

    Your response to my query is appreciated.

    Im desperate to try and exhaust all my options.

  96. Hi! Please update your blog. They no longer accept Express and Rush service to the First time Chinese visa applicants and X1 and Z visa applicants.

  97. Hello, I’m going to apply chinese visa next month. However, I before I apply for bank cert. How can I compute my ADB? I have more than 300k in my account. And also, is it okay that your flight is in Hongkong then travel to Shenzhen? thanks.

    • Hi. The bank certificate of my mom that we submitted doesnt also have ADB. We were granted visas anyway. I dont have COE,ITR and bank account. So i just submitted my application form,my moms bank certificate,hotel reservation,roundtrip tickets and invitation/guarantee letter from my cousin in china.then he just ask for my birth certificate.

  98. Hello. I am planning to go with my boyfriend in China next month, he will shoulder all the expenses for 15 days. He is a Chinese. and heโ€™s here also for travel. I am unemployed. But I do have a bank account that I opened last month, but the money deposited there was from my Parents, in short, they just give me money for myself because I am unemployed. Do I still need to show a bank statement even if my boyfriend will shoulder all the expenses? or an Invitation letter will help??
    Do I still need to show a BIR stamped ITR form? Would they approved me to get a visa?
    Hope you will answer all my questions. Thank you.

    • Hi, I can’t answer for the embassy if they will approve you or not. Just follow the steps and requirements written on their website and you’re good to go. Visa application is always a 50/50 thing. Good luck.

  99. Hi!
    I am going to apply for Chinese visa this week together with my boyfriend. Would it matter if I’m not yet “regularized” in our company? I recently transferred jobs last April-May 2017. Or should I attach my clearance from my previous employer and NBI clearance as well?

  100. Hi, im planning to go to china nxt month, its my 2nd time. Im visiting my husband, we only got married last month. My passport, plane ticket, government documents and IDs are still on my single name. As you know getting a Marriage Contract from NSO would take 6 months,plus passport renewal would take 2 months to get an appointment.l from DFA for me to change my last name.
    I have no document to support the fact the we are already married, and im applying for a tourist visa anyway. Would it matter if Ill just declare myself SIngle.. is there a way they can find out Im already married, last time I checked, the Marriage contract is not yet available for releasing from NSO.
    Your response would help a lot.

  101. Hi, sorry to bother you with my inquiry. I hope you can share your thoughts about my case. Iโ€™ll be applying for a chinese tourist visa by next year. Iโ€™ve only traveled to 3 countries which requires no visa. I booked a flight by October 2018. My problem is that Iโ€™m an online English tutor. I do this full time and I canโ€™t present an ITR nor COE kasi ang nature ng work ko is for part time though I do it full time. I work for a Chinese company based in Beijing and they send monthly salary by PayPal. I can present all necessary requirements and bank cert more than 50k except ITR and COE. Main reason ko to travel there is because I wanted to meet some of my close students that I met during online teaching. My trip will only be for 5 days. What are your thoughts about it? Any response is appreciated. Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚

  102. Hello,
    I would like to ask regarding the BIR- stamped ITR. Iโ€™m from Cebu and plan to apply a visa in the Consulate branch here also.

    I do have my ITR 2316 from the company that I’m currently working, is it okay that my ITR 2316 form was not been stamped by BIR? Do they still accept it? Thanks!

  103. HI! tanong q lng po, kung me sponsor po ung travel to China, to pay all the expenses.. do I still need to submit financial documents? thank you, I hope to hear from you soon..

  104. Hi, really helpful blog btw ๐Ÿ™‚ just want to ask my fren don’t have ITR kasi basic lang sinusweldo nia and kakaregular lang din nia. For the bank cert my amount ng 35k. Do we need to write a letter explaning why wala xiang ITR? Thank you

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