Hi, everyone! Meet Pepper!

I have another good news to share. Two days ago, while I was on the way home, my beau and I spotted this little kitten walking alone along EDSA. It was so tiny and unusual to see a stray kitten in the middle of a highway, so we decided to shelter it home.

We thought he was special. He was so adorable with blue eyes and we named it Pepper because of its black and white coat.

It was my first time to have a cat. So, on the way home, we dropped by into a supermarket to feed the kitty some milk. He was all muddy since we picked him up from the gutter. We put him in a tissue box until we were able to reach home.

As soon as we got home, we gave him a shower and used Licealiz (human head lice shampoo) to remove the fleas. When we was all cleaned, we bought him a litter box and his cat food.

On his first night, we prepared his catbox and placed a lot of cloth to make it comfortable. But I guess Pepper’s still trying to adopt to his new environment. Both of us were not able to sleep well.

I noticed that he liked staying on my chest and had a couple of catnaps while he was on me. My beau then said that kittens tend to find comfort if they hear a heartbeat.

We took Pepper to the vet yesterday morning to give him protection. Pepper weighs 300g, and may be about a month old. We had him take deworming shots and scheduled his vaccination appointment. My beau and I are determined to take care of this cute little kitten. πŸ™‚

Pepper is very special because, unlike other kittens, he likes bathing. He’s well-behaved even in the vet’s clinic. He’s so chill and malambing. It was easy to break her in the house and it seems that he adapts very easily. The vet told us that Pepper is in his learning stage. We just have to shower him with attention because he is still looking for his mom. It is important for him to feel secured, safe and loved so he will not be aggressive.

Last night I made Pepper sleep on the bed with me. We clean him every day. He takes shower every after pooping. We even put alcohol on his butt so he’s clean.

Pepper likes to snuggle. He loves to be inside blankets and soft cloths. He looks happier this morning and was even trying to invite me to play with him.

Pepper sleeps a lot but he tends to wake up easily, too. I guess it’s a sign that Pepper has adapted to our home now because I find it so much easier to put him back to sleep.

Pepper’s our lucky kitty. Right now, my beau and I are still researching on how to properly take care of Pepper.

Since I got up this morning, I have been researching on whether I should give Pepper multivitamins, the best vaccine for him, the most comfy sleeping place for kittens, etc.

If you know a lot about kittens, please leave me a message. I would greatly appreciate it πŸ™‚

Happy Sunday!


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  1. OHHH my goodness! I love cats and kittens! When I was still living at home, I’ve been adopting stray cats, feeding them, letting them play in our small yard for 2-3 months until they’re well to do on their own and they just go out of our gate on their own!

    * I also shampoo them with a pet soap with tea tree to scare all the fleas away for good. I avoid powder anti-flea products because it’s not good for their lungs to inhale (it’s not as finely ground).

    * One kitten was almost on the verge of dying because of worms inside his stomach and I didn’t have enough money to take him to the vet. I force fed him a little milk, just 20cc in a syringe (no needle!) every 1 hr and so he was able to flush all the bad things inside his stomach out! He grew to be an adult cat now πŸ™‚

    * To save on getting canned pet food and avoid feeding them table scraps, I buy really cheap “dark fish meat” from a nearby frozen fish vendor (they have them in packs.) A huge 1 kilo of meat is about 70-90 pesos! Quite good and nutritious for young kittens and 70 pesos will last me a month!! When at the moment I run out, I just mush some cooked veggies and put “fish sauce”/”patis” they love to eat it!