Have a taste of Mex-I-Can food

If you enjoy eating mexican food, check out Mex-I-Can food cart in Marinika Riverbanks’ Ampitheater grounds. They offer authentic mexican food at a price of a food cart.

Their churros and quesadillas are my top favorite. It’s actually different from all the Mexican food I have tried locally. Mex-I-Can’s concoction is more on the spicy side–not hot-spicy but the Mexican spices-spicy. One bite of their food gives off that authentic Mexican stench–if you know what I mean. If you’re quite sensitive on having your breath or burp smell like putok, then you can go stick with Taco Bell, Army Navy, or your local taco carinderia.

Here’s a serving of their Mexican pizza, it’s a double crusted pizza without running short on toppings. Even their burritos are superloaded. With Mex-I-Can, you really get more than what you pay for.

Their operating manager is a former Taco Bell manager in the US so you can pretty much understand why their food is different from what Filipinos are used to. Most Mexican restaurants here offer bland–or “Filipinized”–Mexican dishes. With Mex-I-Can, they preserve the authenticity of serving Mexican dishes with the perfect blend of aromatic Mexican spices.

You have two more weeks to check out Mex-I-Can food cart until they move on to their next station. They are available every Fridays thru Sundays 4pm until 12mn at Marikina Riverbanks Ampitheater.



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