Happy cases with Happee Cases!

I’m really addicted to cute and girly cases. But more than its aesthetic value, I look into its functionality. Normally, I like cases that effectively protects my gadgets while emanating my personality. This is why I was so delighted when Happee Cases sent me these awesome iPhone cases last week.

This adorable candy printed casing really caught my fancy. Especially that it’s a jelly type case that protects my phone all over. It’s just a bonus that it matches my nails at the moment.

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  1. Love the read and gold one – pretttttttty!

  2. i like the one with cupcake design! so girly! (but i dont have iphone.. i use jellycase instead =)

  3. love the candy printed casing, it’s sooo adorbs!
    makes me wish I have an iPhone…hehehe
    Random Beauty by Hollie

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