Happy 2.5 months with us, Pepper!

Pepper has grown so much since his last visit from the vet. He weighed in at 1.9kgs today, on an empty stomach. He’s nearing 5 months old now.

Today, Pepper had his 5-in-1 vaccine booster. We also had him receive his first Advocate spot-on heartworm treatment, which led him to wear this cone of shame so he can not lick off the medicine.

His clothes just arrived this week as well.Β It’s custom made. I ordered them from Zuccherino Max Crochet, an online store that sells crocheted animal clothes. You just have to send them the pattern you want and the measurements for your pet–et voila! Your hand-made clothes will arrive in a week or so.

So we got Pepper two designs: one design is for summer and one is for colder weather. He’s not yet accustomed to wearing clothes. He still removes it from time to time… and it can be a challenge to put it on him as well. Anyways, we’re planning to get him another set when he gets older.

Also, a couple of weeks back, my beau and I were able to rescue two more kittens. Sadly, we can not keep it so we had to give it up. They’re both adorable. Pepper didn’t like them, though. I guess Pepper’s possessive of his parents.

Pepper prefers to be alone with us. He doesn’t like having brothers or sisters. He still sleeps a lot and he still likes me touching him while he sleeps. He’s clingy like that. We still take him out as much as we can because when we gets older, it’s more impossible to take him around. Right now, he does not fit in my bag anymore.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed today’s Pepper updates. Until next time! =^,^=

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