Happy 1st month with us, Pepper

It’s Pepper’s 1st month with us. Yesterday was his vet-visit day again. We’re always excited for Pepper’s vet-visit day and his doctor is always happy to see him.

Pepper weighed in at 1kg yesterday–which is a good level of weight, at his growing stage. He also had his 5-in-1 vaccine.

Every week, we take Pepper out for some shopping. What we love about him is that he’s so behaved. We never had any problems with him being in a mall. I even take him to my office some times. He’s such an adorable little kitty.

Pepper has been teething. My arm has all these love marks from Pepper. He seems to like biting every morning when he wakes up and at night before he snoozes. I really hope this goes away as he grows old.

Pepper is loving his new toys

Last week was a happy week for Pepper. He got a package from a friend in Japan with his new toys. I was saying that it was so hard to find toys for cats in Manila since Philippines is a predominantly dog-country. I’m glad my friend sent me this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh, and I have a story. Yesterday, when we took Pepper out with our friends, he saw a stray (matured) cat walking around. I think, the cat was also curious about Pepper so the cat came near him. Face to face, when the cat was about to put his nose near our darling kitten’s nose, Pepper, with his tiny body, snarled at the cat and terrified him. This made us realize that Pepper’s probably the jealous type and would not want another cat living in our house. What a spoiled brat! :p

Anyway, our next visit to the vet is on the 24th. Until then! =^,^=

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