Green Mango, the newbie in FroYo battlefield

Yea, we don’t have enough FroYo company yet–even after Red Mango, Yohgurt Froz, California Berry, The White Hat, LuluBelle, Yogurbud and etc have played the Philippine FroYo field. Now comes Fruit Magic’s version: Green Mango (Rip off much?).

The first thing that captured my eye is their price. A large cup is only Php 88.00–and that includes 3 toppings already! THAT, I SAY, IS WAY CHEAP. It’s like screaming: “FROYOS FOR EVERYONE!”

While Caliberry and Red Mango only has Green Tea yogurt, I love it that Green Mango has alot of fruit flavored variatons for no additional cost: Strawberry, Choco, and Sweet N’ Creamy (Vanilla). I also liked their range of fruit toppings: they have lychees and grapes–which is not common for their competitors.

However, for the taste, I felt like eating icecream than yogurt. The creaminess and the sweet taste is so like icecream, which is a turn off for me. I really feel like I’m not eating an authentic froyo. But then again, I’m not really sure if the strawberry flavor added to the icecream-ish taste (since I got the strawberry yogurt).

Green Mango is something that I’d come back for… but not in Sky Garden. (Too many people there…ugh.) I just wish they’d put up more stores across the metro. Owell, since this is a Fruit Magic company, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard for them to branch out fast. 😉

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