Gold Leaf Peach Green Tea: My cup of tea

After enjoying Gold Leaf’s Strawberry Tea, I got myself another box of fruit flavored teaย recently. This time, I grabbed Gold Leaf’s Peach flavored Green Tea. Tea is how I wake myself up everytime I get to work too early for my brains to function. ๐Ÿ˜›

Priced at half ofย what you should shellย out for a box of Twiningsย (Php 90++ for a box of 24 teabags), Gold Leaf’s Green Tea has a wide array of green tea flavors to choose from (like mint, peach, honey lemon, etc.) Since green tea alone has a raw taste, it is best to acompany it with a sweet, fruity flavor to enjoy it better–not unless you are the super-harcore-tea-lover type.

I prepared myself a cup of Peach flavored Green Tea this morning and boyย it was awesome! I love that Gold Leaf brand ensures the aroma is there. You can just smell the peaches which makes you enjoy your cup more.ย 

I like this better than the strawberry since I noticed that my other flavored tea has more coloring. In fact, I can see tea stains in my cup whenever I prepare my strawberry tea… So imagine what it can do to your teeth! With my Peach Green Tea, I didn’t notice any stain, so I guess it’s friendlier to our pearly whites.

As for the taste and re-soak factor, usually I could get two to threeย cups inย every tea bag and the taste is still there. Then I put two teaspoons of sugar in every servingย sinceย I have a sweet tooth. But of course you can always use honey for a better twang. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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