Go and Make Your Own Havaianas! (MYOH 2010)

Don’t Make Your Summer A Bummer!

Summer’s here… and nothing but a pair of unique new Havs is perfect for the season! It’s Havaianas’ 5th year in holding the event Make Your Own Havaianas. MYOH lets you choose whatever sole, strap, and pin you want to create your own unique pair of Havs.

The long wait...

The event was flockedย  by girls as it took me and my friend about 2 hours to fall in line outside Rockwell Tent for us to finally get to pick our Havs.

Luis Manzano at MYOH 2010
We finally get to pick our soles and straps

Then it took us another hour to fall in line to get our picks done. My friend got the 5th Year Commemorative Sole and Red Straps, while I got two pairs: a purple sole pink strap combo, and a pink sole green strap combo.

Oh, and I almost missed getting my 2nd pair when the MYOH staff told me that the green strap ran out of stock despite the gazillion green straps behind her. I had to point out myself that they still have A LOT of it. Hm…

And yes, ‘Mark’ was there in the event too… still looking for his modern Cinderella… but we all know it’s just part of Havaianas’ marketing efforts.


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