Globe’s BlackBerry SuperSurf: What’s the real deal???

Making confusion possible–GLOBE.

Last Tuesday, I decided to apply for a new postpaid account and avail Globe’s Blackberry bundle with SuperSurf for BB Service. BlackBerry Super Surf is actually an add-on to your existing plan, which offers unlimited browsing and BB service for only Php 2,000.00/mo.

My handset was only activated yesterday, despite the commitment that it will be activated within 24 hours. Anyway, as soon as my Curve is ready, I downloaded all the BB Apps that I need (e.g. FB, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, and YM) and enjoyed my 24/7 unlimited mobile internet service.

I was so hooked to it that my BB Curve is practically glued on my hand.

In the midst of sending YM messages, a friend sent some wonderful news over BBM (BlackBerry Messenger)–that Globe is going heads on with Smart and is offering their unlimited BB SuperSurf service for only Php 1,200.00/mo.

Of course, at first I was happy, but when I let the news sink in, I realized that I was duped. Imagine, my BB Service was activated only yesterday and my BBSS rate is at Php2,000.00/mo yet now they are giving it for Php1,200.00/mo?

So, I quickly called CSR and inquired about my case. During my first call, the CS Rep told me that my BBSS Service billing for this month will be AUTOMATICALLY pro-rated. Meaning, for the first two days (yea, they count starting on the day of application even if I have made use of the service just yesterday!) they would use the Php2,000.00/mo rate and for the rest of the 28 days, the Php1,200.00/mo rate is applied. With this, my computation goes for Php1,253.00 for my BBSS for this month. The CSR never mentioned any termination fee/downgrade fee of Php 1,000.00

I was happy and contented with the news until I saw a Twitter Message from INQ. This is an article on the new Php1,200.00/mo BBSS rate, below is the shocking excerpt:

“Users can get unlimited access to several push email, instant messaging services, and social networking sites. Among these are Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Windows Live, facebook, Multiply, Flickr, and Twitter.

Blackberry applications, such as Blackberry Maps and its messenger service, are also included in the service.

But the service does not include Internet browsing, which will be charged separately. For postpaid users, they will be charged 15 centavos per kilobyte while prepaid users will be charged P5 every15 minutes of usage.”

I was actually shocked at this BBSS disclaimer and tried to reconfirm it from CSR. Of course, I wanted to avail of the cheaper unlimited rate, but I wouldn’t want to compromise my unlimited browsing package. What’s the point of having an unlimited SuperSurf service if the sites are only limited?! >:(

To add to the damage, my second call was horrible. It shows that Globe was not able to efficiently align all its new promos to its CSR and even to its Business Centers. In fact, the 2nd CS Representative started telling me that if I wanted to avail the Php1,200.00/mo rate, it shows a downgrade and hence I should pay THE TERMINATION FEE of Php1,000.00.

WOW. Lady, are you crazy??? From where I’m standing, my BB service was only activated yesterday. Now that you are offering this at Php1,200.00/mo rate, you want me to pay you Php1,000.00 for DOWNGRADE FEE? Look who’s bluffing.

I was outraged by this and went straight to a Business Center to clarify and contest what Globe is trying to do here. Even the folks in GBC were not fully aware of the policies. It took about a good 30-40 minutes for them to provide a decent answer, and told me that (1) my bill will be pro-rated (just like CSR 1 told me) since all new subscribers from Dec 1 until Dec 17 are pro-rated; and (2) that there is no change/limitations on the Php1,200.00/mo BBSS, meaning browsing is still included. So now I am confused, is the INQ article fooling us now?

Nevertheless, I can sense that there are uncertainties since as they say: “Ma’am, kakalabas palang kase nito e…” and all the “yata” they were adding in their statements. Hence I was left unsatisfied and with a BIG QUESTION MARK ON MY FACE.

Wow Globe. You’re unbelievable. As one of the sharks in the TelCo industry, you should know that this should not happen. I still have two questions in mind:

(1) So what’s my billing now? Is it pro-rated or what?

(2) With the Php 1,200.00/mo, is internet browsing really charged separately? Because this actually defeats the purpose of your tagline “Web Surfing na Walang Metro! SUPER SURF!” and “Surf all you can with no worries on your bill”

I would really appreciate if someone from GLOBE will answer these questions as I know most BBSS users are having the same thoughts.

UPDATE: I received a reply from Globe that says: Hi. For old super surf subscribers, charges will be prorated since the price is now lowered to PHP1200.Thanks!


  1. I wonder why globe offer the blackberry service too expensive. meanwhile in indonesia and singapore its only about 750 Pesos..

    I dont get it…

    they say its unlimited but web surfing is charged separately, what kind of none sense is that..

    I agree with you man..I got the blackberry service coz I thought it would give me cheaper deal but in fact this moth my bill was 5 times more expensive…globe sucks….

    • WOW, it’s only Php750 in SG?! That’s cheap!

      Are you under a post paid plan? For post paid, it’s only Php1,200 unlimited BB service and web browsing. This is on top of the globe post paid plan that you have. So, if you are under Plan 500 GFlex, you pay Php1,700 monthly for your Globe subscription. So for me, this is okay. ๐Ÿ™‚

      In the US, under T-mobile, I know it’s USD70 per month…. so that’s about Php 3,3xx.++/mo.

    • Thanks for this note. My only concern with my BB SuperSurf now is that I still get data charges despite that I am on SuperSurf. I don’t tether and stream videos… so I don’t think I should be charged by any data/kb browsing charges. Creating BB SuperSurf MAX is just confusing people and charging your subscribers unnecessarily… Why not create FREE MOBILE SURFING days like Smart? ๐Ÿ˜

      • Hi there! ^_^

        Thank you for the suggestion. Rest assured that Globe is constantly finding ways to better serve its valued subscribers, like you. Anyway, as pertaining to your Supersurf for Blackberry concern, we understand your sentiments about this but please appreciate the difference between the two promos (SuperSurf for Blackberry and SuperSurf for Blackberry Max):

        > For postpaid scheme:
        Super Surf for BlackBerry only covers surfing on BlackBerry APN which limits surfing to BlackBerry-connect sites and does not cover video streaming or using the service as a modem. Subscription fees are P1,200/30 days, P220/5 days, P50/day.

        Super Surf for BlackBerry MAX, on the other hand, covers unlimited surfing on both BlackBerry and Internet APN. It covers unlimited access to internet and unlimited BlackBerry access (using BlackBerry messenger, push email etc.). Subscription fees are P1,500/30 days, P300/5 days.

        So if we may suggest that you avail our BB MAX for postpaid if you are fond of surfing the net through your BB device. As we’ve mentioned earlier it covers both internet apn and bb apn, so you can avoid unwanted charges while enjoying our BB services.

        Current amounts for BB Max subscription will be on top of your Globe Postpaid plan.

        > For prepaid scheme:
        We would like to inform you that if you are registered to BIS for prepaid scheme, you should visit a BB apn to avoid unwanted charges. KB based charge is P0.15/kb.

        Btw, if you still have further/other Globe concern/s, you can also reach us in the following mediums:

        > Web โ€“ Log-on to and click any of the following for online assistance:
        -Chat with a live agent using Globe Chat Assist โ€œLikeโ€ globeph on Facebook or visit
        -Follow @talk2GLOBE on Twitter

        > Hotline โ€“ Call 211 (toll-free via Globe Mobile) or (02) 7301000 (toll-free via any Globe Landline);
        When on Roaming:
        -Postpaid Subscribers โ€“ Call +632-7301212
        -Prepaid Subscribers โ€“ Call *131*632-7301212#

        Just kindly include your mobile# and exact location(w/brgy. name) to your concern.

        Hope this clears everything up!
        Thanks! ~^_^~

  2. I have the same sentiments!!! Super gulo nila kausap like they were giving different answers which makes everything more complicated. I also asked the first girl I talked to if surfing Google or Yahoo was included in the sites that I could visit, the girl told me that it is included, which means it’s for free. However, the only difference between the BBSS (1,200) and BBSSM (1,500) is that I won’t be able to use my phone as a modem. The last person that I talked to gave me a different answer. He told me that when I use the other services (He didn’t tell me what were they, and I didn’t bother to ask cause he really sounds like he was confused!) I’ll be charged 0.15c per kb. So I was like WHAAAT??? The more I clarify things, the more it gets vague. I think the people in the call center really don’t get the services that they offer. I think it’s better if we go to Globe or better yet a Blackberry Service Center. (I wish they put up one here already!)

  3. Problema pla BB sa pinas?d2 sa saudi mdli lng mag activate ng BB messenger..mag load ka lng ng 100SR type mo lng ung 8811 send sa 902 tpos my reply na drting reply saying if you are succesfuly activated your BB messenger.after that I turned off my cp and removed na baterry tpos binalik q ulit pgbukas open q un ok na GPRS q nggmit qn BB messenger q until now.thanks to aljawal at sa mga employees nila lalo na don sa ngturo skin pno mag activate libre wlng bayad pinasahan pa ako ng 10riyals na load pra lng ituro skin kung pano..taka note!yung 100riyals q cope na lht ng web site na gusto ko for month.

  4. hey my friend, if u were able to access “ALL BB appilcation” then ull supposed to be has a free access to internet i believe, because built in browser is bb application as well , are u showing CAPITAL LETTERS in ur home screen (gprs)indicatro it should be GPRS OR 3G
    if u are change ur browser settings connect to internet broswer not my globe

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